PawdPet A Huggable Carrier For Tablets & Phones! GIVEAWAY!!

Oh my gosh! Check out these adorable faces on PawdPets!! A PawdPet is a stuffed animal with a purpose. A huggable, cuddly carrier for your iPad, tablet or cell phone up to 8″ in size.

What a great idea this is!! Protection for your iPad in a stuffed animal!!

Alice immediately fell in love with the Koala PawdPet. Truthfully, that goofy face makes me smile everytime I see it. (The PawdPet not Alice… well, actually….YOU know!)

Each Pawdpet comes with a little information card about your new cuddly buddy.  The koala’s card says:

Hi. I’m Eukie! 

I’m from the Land Down Under and love to snuggle! I’m really good at giving long hugs, and enjoying even longer naps in the trees. When I’m hungry, I munch on fresh eucalyptus leaves for a healthy and tasty snack! 

I love toys that teach!! But, I really, really love things that protect The NaNa’s iPad!! Pawdpets come with a magnet already inside their bellies so all you need to do is to attach the enclosed magnetic plate on the back of your iPad, tablet or phone. I chose to put the magnetic plate into my case rather than on the iPad itself.  My iPad still holds nicely when Alice is laying around in bed watching shows. It doesn’t hold well enough for her to walk around with the iPad attached, but that is fine with me. I would rather she didn’t do that anyway! (She is a klutz just like her NaNa is!)

I love that is a padded, plush pocket to store the iPad in. I doubt that the pocket would allow for the iPad to slip out but just in case there is a button closure, which is nice. Added bonus is the fact there is a screen cleaner microfiber cloth attached in the pocket for a quick screen cleaning!

There is also an adjustable strap so that Alice can easily carry around EUKIE the Koala! The strap is adjustable to several lengths so she can wear Eukie on her shoulder or crossbody.

The Pawdpet holds my iPad while Alice uses it to watch shows or play games while we are on the go. In stores this is super handy!! The Pawdpet rests on Alice’s lap and the shopping cart handle. Very handy! Laying in bed the Koala holds up the iPad so we can watch a movie together. On the couch the iPad stays put while Alice places games. Pawdpets are so cute and SO handy!!

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Pawdpets are even available on AMAZON!!


No whines from Alice she loves her cuddle buddy. No whines from the NaNa cause my iPad is protected.
I am thrilled to host a giveaway so one lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will get their own PawdPet!! Good Luck All!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Doesn’t the magnet interfere with the phone? Asking as someone who remembers her debit card being destroyed by the magnet closure of her handbag!

  • Katherine Riley

    I think my granddaughter would love Bun Bun. She had a musical bunny rabbit toy that died recently and had trouble falling asleep. So she has started falling asleep listening to Bob Ross painting shows. The Bun Bun cover would be great for her.

  • Diane Richards

    All of the PawdPets are adorable and any one of them would be adored by any little one.

    My favorite and if I am the giveaway winner, my niece would also love Eukie. She got to visit relatives on her Dad’s side of the family last summer in the Land Down Under and she got to see the Koala Bears up close!

  • Ann

    I have just decided that I need this in my life… even though there is no cat option. I cannot believe that this is being marketed and sold on the Internet– the INTERNET!– without the availability of a cat option. Still, I find the koala to be quite adorable. (That lil’ tongue!) Alice and NaNa have fantastic taste. 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    Maybe one of these would get my little nephew to leave my tablet in the case. I put it in there to protect it from him, but he takes it out, lol.

  • Sarah L

    Cute little things. My gripe is with the video that shows people EATING while using this. My rule is NO electronics at the table.


    Aw, they are sweet and obviously do the job but I still think that we should be limiting children’s usage of phones etc. Let them interact with their environment instead!

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