NCLINGLU Travel Umbrella With Safety Features

I probably have more umbrellas than any other person in Southern California. So why did I think I needed another one? Well, first because I am paranoid. VERY paranoid. We, as in California, is way overdue for a big earthquake. While we just experienced a small 5.2 shake on Friday, experts say we are overdue for a major earthquake. So what does an earthquake with massive destruction have to with an umbrella??  No, I don’t think an umbrella will save me from falling debris. Or shield me from falling buildings (although when that umbrella comes out, I want it too!!)

The NCLINGLU Travel Umbrella is equipped some fantastic emergency features that none of my current umbrellas possess. First is the emergency hammer to break out a car window if the electronics fail in my car. The second feature is a seat belt cutter. Both are very helpful in emergency situations. The next feature is the circle of reflective strip on the outer side of the umbrella which can produce a strong reflected light ray so you can be spotted. Since the umbrella is black the reflective strip is a great security feature you don’t normally see on umbrellas.

The NCLINGLU Travel Umbrella is very portable, it’s very compact in size and still fits in the pocket of my car door where it is easy to reach.

The umbrella has an auto open and close feature that works smoothly and efficiently each and every time. It is a single hand operation to open and close the umbrella which is nice when your arms are full. 

The NCLINGLU umbrella is made of Pongee fabric and steel. The steel in the umbrella keeps the umbrella from collapsing.

Another great perk of the NCLINGLU umbrella is the ☂100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE☂


None. Not a single one. This emergency equipped umbrella has safety features I didn’t know I needed or wanted in an umbrella. I feel better knowing I have those tools at my fingertips if I need them. Now about that big earthquake….. I’m thinking that Colorado is sounding pretty good again!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    since we usually keep an umbrella in the car, it might as well be on that’s handy in an emergency! It really seems like a great idea to incorporate those features.


    5.2 on the Richter scale and that’s SMALL? The last ‘quake we experienced in Ireland was an after-tremor from one in Scotland and was 2 point something. That was enough to scare the goldfish & stop the grandfather clock!

  • michele soyer

    I have always y used a fold up umbrella but this one with all these features wow.. when I need a new one I will look for this and if it is not too expensive purchase it…

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