4 Tips for Getting Rid and Selling Clothes Your Kids Have Outgrown

Kids grow up fast and often outgrow their clothes before you know it. This means having to clear out the closet, shopping for new clothes and spending money every few months. Instead of throwing away old clothes, why not take this opportunity to make extra cash?

Selling clothes that your kids have outgrown is a fun and easy challenge. With today’s technology, selling used clothes is easier than ever. These 4 tips will help you turn your kid’s old duds into money for buying new ones.

1.    Sort items by categories

Just like any garage sale, the first step is to organize your items into batches. Sorting your kid’s clothes by category will make it easier for you to set the prices for each item. It will provide an organizational scheme that will not only be useful to you, but also help give your customers a better shopping experience.

There are many ways to sort your kid’s used clothes into categories. First, you can sort them by type. For example, put all the shirts in one category, pants in another and have one for shoes as well. Another way to sort is by season. Separate each type of clothing as to what children can wear in the summer or in the winter.

If you are a parent who enjoys dressing your children in designer clothing, sort items by the label. This way, your customers will find what they are looking for easier. You can also sort clothing from the most affordable to the most expensive, by color, or by age group. Use the categories that are most applicable to the clothing that you have on hand.

2.    Showcase the clothes in a stylish way

Selling is about telling a story and letting your customers imagine them in it. The best way to sell the clothes your kids have outgrown is to show what it looks like. Take pictures of the clothes you want to sell and don’t be afraid to style them.

You can enlist your kids as models and show your customers how it is best worn. This way, you can show the clothes’ fit and how it works well with other items. Style away and remember to indicate that the accessories and kids are not for sale!

Children's clothing

3.    Make use of online tools and apps

Selling clothes online is the most convenient way for you to set up shop and for your customers to browse through your items. An online shop allows you to get rid and sell clothes your kids have outgrown at the comfort of your home. Online sites such as Craigslist and eBay are two of the simplest and most convenient sites where you can display your products and sell them to a wide audience.

If you decide to turn this small venture into an actual business, you can also make use of ecommerce tools like Shopify to create an online used clothing shop from scratch.

4.    Create some buzz on social media

If you are on social media, you already have your own audience who can potentially be your customers. Let your friends know that you are selling your kids clothes. Post pictures and link your online shop on your wall. Make sure to write clear instructions on how they can buy the items. Be interactive and answer inquiries to keep the conversation going.

If you do decide to do this, it’s a good idea to offer the option of international shipping and open up your products to a worldwide audience. This can help to boost your sales. Just make sure you can take care of multi currency payment processing to make sure you can convert money made into a currency you can use!


  • heather

    Great tips thanks for sharing this one this is some great information. The kids grow so fast a lot of their clothes are brand new.

  • Rosie

    I’ve found Thredup to be very easy, but you don’t get much, unless designer. It can be easier than donating, though.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Kids grow so fast so this is useful. I heard Walmart and ThredUp are teaming up together so that may be an option too.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Selling clothes kids have outgrown seems like a great idea. They aren’t cheap and kids outgrow them so fast, you might as well try to get something back. I see people selling them on Facebook a lot.

  • Sherrie Cruson

    Lots of great tips! My grandchildren are all growing like weeds. They are in clothing for a very short time before they start outgrowing their clothing. My 16 month old granddaughter is so tall and big that she is wearing clothing in size 3T. All thanks to her tall parents lol. Right now her mother takes all her clothing to consignment stores and has been for the past few years. It’s a great way to get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit and finding clothing that do all at the same time.

  • Autum

    I usually pass down my kids clothes to siblings or barring that to friends for free but when I get the itch to do sell I usually take them to a local consignment shop for credit of some kind whether in store or money or I sell them in local classified groups on facebook. Makes it easier to get rid of them and get a small recompense.

  • Nancy

    These are some great tips. I also like to participate in a local church’s preschool’s consignment sale. Also, you can donate the clothes to a local charity.

  • Terri S

    I give all out grown clothes away. I have found it is a project I must do alone or not much gets done. And I end up arguing over a piece of clothing that has not been worn and is 3 sizes too small that now is their absolute favorite thing on earth!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I see a lot of people posting photos of kids clothes on Facebook. Considering how soon they outgrow clothes, you might as well recoup a little money!

  • Natalie

    My brother has started using facebook to sell old baby clothes. Also, advertising garage sales for baby clothes is a great idea!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I don’t have this problem or any of the others brought about by having children! Also no husband and did I mention, relatively few wrinkles!!!

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