Jeulia Unique Engagement rings for women sale 2020

I have yet another confession. The Corona Virus has turned me into the worst impulse buyer. GEEEMINNIECHRISTMAS!! I go on Instagram and the adds that pop up convince me that I need that eye liner because it won’t wash off. Although I don’t GO ANYWHERE I still need it.

Diets, makeup, skin care you name it I’ve been convincing myself that I need it.

Of course, I’m always shopping for diamonds. I REALLY need those. Again, I’m a bottomless pit of wants and needs. Sparkly things always top my list. With of course my absolute favorite stone. A DIAMOND!! Oh, I see you rolling your eyes at me. I can NOT help it!

If you could update your wedding set would you? jeulia has engagement sets for women that make my eyes bug out and drool comes down the corners of my mouth.

What I really like the most is that jeulia jewelry is affordable. No one would know these huge rocks aren’t real! I know I wouldn’t tell anyone. I’d simply say “I’m very spoiled” which technically I am. So, I’m not lying.

All of my choices are under $175! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Yup. So, when this quarantine lifts and we can travel again I won’t worry about my real diamonds. I’ll be flashing a jeulia ring.  Added bonus there is a sale going on now that you should check out.

I could hob knob with The Hilton family in my big rocks. Of course, it would mean getting out of my yoga pants. Hummmmm I will have to think about that one.

I have a major crush on the engagement sets for women. The emerald cut stones with a big BOLD look. Yup, that is drool on my chin. I love big bold engagement sets for women.

It doesn’t matter if you are flashy with a bold statement or a very feminine antique, vintage type ring. Or who says your wedding set has to be diamond? There are wedding sets with color! 

Is your dream set all silver? Gold? Personally, I love to mix my silver and gold jewelry together. Do you want diamonds? (I think we already know what I want! I DO have a bling problem.) Colored stones? Like the famous Princess Di ring? Dainty? BIG BOLD statements? I promise you that engagement sets for women will have it.

When you go over to jeulia I hope you will come back and tell me which set you like the best.  Now, I’m going back over and look at that skin cream again…….. I really think I need it. The model looked fabulous after she dabbed it on, I mean HEY! It’s on Instagram it can’t be fake! Right?!? Riggggggghhhhttttttttt.


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