Clone Tropper!! Costume review

Starwars Clone Trooper
Star Wars Clone Troopers unite!!!
Are you ready for FABULOUS?!??! Seriously!! I have the greatest Star Wars costume ever to share with you!!!  This costume is a dress up outfit if I’ve ever seen one!! I am in LOVE!!! Halloween or dress up you will not find a better costume anywhere!!  This is from the Costume Super Center and it’s amazing!
Starwars Clone Trooper helmet
The helmet is in two separate pieces, small pieces of  velcro are placed in different area’s along the edges to keep it together. The helmet arrived packaged in a plastic fitted form so that it didn’t get cracked or smashed. EXCELLENT for storing too!! This is just one of the great added features that I love about Costume Super Center’s products! Attention to detail!!
Starwars Clone Trooper helmet 2Starwars Clone Trooper details Starwars Clone Trooper helmet side view

The costume is on a black jumpsuit with PVC rubber pads that are shaded look realistic!! The pads are all sewn on very well. Your Clone Trooper will not be loosing any parts of his uniform. This costume will last for years.
The utility belt is a little big, but I added a little longer piece of velcro and it’s just fine. I do wish the belt was colored and shaded as well as the uniform itself.  It’s hard to distinguish exactly what each piece is.

Starwars Clone Trooper back sideWith this costume you or your child will look like they are ready to go to battle!!  Just like Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

I will be adding a Jango Fett blaster from the Costume Super Center. I’m also going to grab a pair of white gloves to complete the look.

Watch out enemies of the Republic!! Clone Troopers are coming!!  Or at least one is.

Just in case you aren’t a die hard Star Wars fan like in our house.. here’s a brief synopisis of Revenge of the Sith:

I have to add an edit here…… Alice and I were at Legoland California today and LOOKIE what they have set up all in Lego’s!! (I know… duh…) Click on the pictures to enlarge. COOL HUH????

Legoland California Starwars 3
Legoland California Starwars 2
Legoland California Starwars 1

” May the force will be with you. Always!”


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