Color me green!

After work I went and hung out with my friend Kathy, her house should be in Architectural digest it’s so amazing!!  A seriously phenomenal house! Add a jacuzzi and pool that puts the cherry on top. Now are ya ready to join me in the jealousy room? I thought so.  Anyway, I sat in that jacuzzi until I turned into a prune.  I also had time to plan a way to move my stuff in… cause really…… her house is so big I’ll bet it would be at least a year before she found me!! So if I go missing?  Shhhh don’t call for me at Kathy’s. I’ll be back eventually!!  Ya know, like when Kathy finds me and throws me out.
(No this isn’t a picture of her jacuzzi, I would have taken a picture of Kathy’s but that would have meant getting out of the jacuzzi to get my phone…. and I didn’t wannnna!)

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