Country Bob’s Cookbook Review

I was so excited to find this beautiful cookbook in my mailbox!  It’s truly the most beautiful cook book I own!!  Written around one of my favorite products!! Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce!!
Ya’all know how much I love Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce!!  So, I knew everything in this cookbook would be great…… and so far everything we’ve made has been AWESOME!!

We made the Southwestern Black Bean Stew.  DeeeeeLIOUS!!!!!! Why? In the middle of summer did I start with a stew? Because, first, I actually had all the ingredients on hand! Second it’s a crockpot ‘make it and forget about it’ recipe!!  My favorite kind of cooking!

I would invite you for a bowl…. but there were no left overs.  I highly recommend the Southwestern Black Bean Stew. YUMMMMMM!!!!

The entire cookbook is beautiful.  The recipes are easy to follow.  Some of the recipes have a quote from the Bible. It’s all around beautiful cookbook.

Check out all Country Bob’s items.  Especially, my favorite Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.

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