Designing My Dream Bathroom!!

I made the mistake of doing a walk through of the new houses that have just hit the market. Having watched them being built, then driving by the models I finally just gave in and took a tour. Now, I am sad. WOW! Well, of course they are amazing, they start at 600 thousand dollars. Say WAAAAA? The houses really are stunning! The bathrooms alone are drool worthy!

So rather than being sad I came home and started designing MY Dream bathroom!! I scoured the Internet and of course Pinterest until I came upon PlumbTile. Talk about inspiration!! This site has everything from modern to classic bathroom ideas.

Can you imagine being able to relax in THAT tub?! Of course I really want the view that comes with that one!!

However, the style that really screams out to ME are the following tubs. Old fashioned claw foot tubs! Ohhh ahhh! Yes, please!

I love the fact that PlumbTile allows me to pick everything from the tub to the fixtures. I can pick the bathroom sink I want, the cabinet that I want it to go INTO! I can even add the faucets that I want!! I am able to mix and match everything to fit ME and MY perfect bathroom.

Okay, so then I went a little nuts with my choices. I really love the Mission style cabinets to go with the Clawfoot tub. The cabinets even match my livingroom coffee-table and end tables. Look at me with my eclectic tastes keeping one style in TWO rooms!!

I know the flowered sink doesn’t really fit with the look I am going for, but it’s just so pretty!!

Here is MY perfect bathroom! Plenty of storage for all my stuff. Two sinks so The Husband doesn’t crowd me. AND added bonus I can clean under the cabinet!! Isn’t that just so pretty!? I even love the walls!

So, if you could what room would you make over?? Let me know in the comments. I’m off to pick out the perfect toilet to go with my new bathroom.

BTW I’m no longer sad that I didn’t spend 600K for a new house.


  • Jessica H.

    Our bathroom is in definite need of an upgrade. I swear, it seems like every other week something leaks and needs to be repaired. I think my big splurge would be a waterfall or rainfall shower head (if I ever win the lottery, that is!).

  • Nikolina

    I love big, bright bathrooms with green and blue notes – mine is really small and red so I’d change everything if I could…

  • Helena

    My bathroom is too small and inconvenient, I would love to change it to biggr and also change all the decor.
    I would love to have it more spacefull and beautiful!
    Great post!

  • Donnas

    We plan on updating our kitchen, it’s not really that old, the house was built in 2002, but kitchens do become out-of-style so quickly nowadays. And the master bath needs a makeover too.

  • Sandy Weinstein

    i love the pictures, i always wanted an updated bath. i love the cherry cabinets, i always wondered how well wood would do in bathrooms though. the tub looks very luxerious.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love old claw foot tubs, too, but these days I want one of those huge showers with a bench in it & lots of room for shampoos, etc.!

  • clojo9372

    Oh I am so with you on claw foot bathtubs, like you see in old b&w movies. I think they are so pretty. They can also be pretty romantic, i imagine… If you with the perfect man!! Hehehehehehheeee!!!!!

  • Helen Storer

    Growing up we had two claw foot tubs in our house, who knew they would be so popular now. Novica well you just can’t go wrong on their site Love Novica


    To get through the hospital where Mum’s getting her chemo/radiotherapy we have to get off the main North/South highway and travel through a very old part of Dublin that is becoming very, what Dad would have called ‘artsy fartsy’, or artisan to you and me. There is the most wonderful bunch of antique shops, interior decor outlets etc. and just the other day we passed a gorgeous old claw-foot bath being restored actually out on the pavement (sidewalk)!

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