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Designing With Wicker

If you have a back porch or a sunroom, then you know that it can sometimes be difficult to find just the right piece of furniture that will blend well with the area. Wicker furniture is an idea if you are looking for something simple to decorate with that also adds a little flavor to the room or outside area. The furniture is easy to care for as all you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth and a little soap. It’s lightweight, making it easy to move to other areas if you need to clean the floor or you want to rearrange the way the area looks. There are several design ideas depending on the colors that you want to use and the amount of furniture that yrattan-set-of-5-bombay-3ou want to include.
Color is easy to add to wicker. White wicker is often the easiest to work with. Blue and green are ideal colors that will stand out against the white background. It’s easy to add a few pillows and cushions on the seats of a couch or chair in almost any color imaginable. Think about the theme that you want to portray. Wicker is sometimes something you think of when you think about the beach. Add a few decorations that have seashells. Lighthouses are also a good idea if you want a beach theme. Coordinate the colors on the furniture to blend with the decorations you choose.

Wicker can also be used indoors if you don’t have a patio or sunroom. The furniture is ideal for a room that has large picture windows as the furniture tends to stand out in the sunlight. It can also be used as an accent instead of a main feature. Consider a chair sitting beside a window or a small bench that sits in the hallway with a decorative pillow or cushion. If you want something a little more sophisticated, then consider surrounding a glass dining table with wicker chairs that are dark in color with white cushions. Companies like Wicker Paradise have several options when it comes to the design of the furniture and the colors of wicker that are available.


  • Kelly O

    I like wicker, but I would not think of it when planning my deck/patio. Not sure why. I do really like it, and I find wicker to be very comfortable. I think because it has some give to it. I also love that it can match anything, and you can add pillows to better coordinate. I love the Seagrass collection. Such a pretty weave.

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