Don’t Let Your Child Become A Victim Of Hot Car Death!

Today I want to share the news about this newest Life-Saving App called the BimBa!

BimBa is a revolutionary Smart App that uses bluetooth technology to alert and prevent “Forgotten Baby Syndrome” and helps rescue and save the life of children left in cars in just 1 minute! BimBa is a MUST have app for parents and caretakers.

BimBa protects babies from Hot Car Death!


How BimBa Works:

Connect BimBa with your cars bluetooth
BimBa will ask you if you are alone
If you say no, BimBa will let you drive
If you say yes, BimBa will ask you when disconnecting if your baby is with you
When disconnected from bluetooth, BimBa will ask if you are with your baby, and BimBa will not rest until you answer
If you don’t answer, an emergency SMS will be sent to your predefined contacts with coordinates and an active link directing you to the estimated location spot of your vehicle.

Grab your app on Google Play for .99! 

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