Eva Leather Designer Inspired Handbag Review

One of my obsessions is handbags. We are talking truly an addiction. I love handbags! I love big bold bags, I love small wristlets, totes to clutches. Don’t even get me started on leather handbags!! I want a different handbag for every outfit, every season with every outfit. Oh my gosh, I am obsessed! I WANT THEM ALL!!
Of course, the expensive handbags that only the likes of Angelina Jolie-Pitt and Paris Hilton can afford make my eyes go glassy and my heart to race. Hey ladies, I’m more than willing to take any and all old handbags off your hands; you don’t even need to clean them out!! (Do you think Angelina has old receipts, gum wrappers and those loose tic-tacs in the bottom of her handbag? Naaa, probably not) Okay, I AM going somewhere with this post; honest!
One of my bucket list review items has finally come true! HANDBAGS!!! A very stylish handbag at that!

This handbag may LOOK like I spent a fortune and I might FEEL like a million bucks carrying it but it’s extremely affordable!! This is the Valentine Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag in Black from Eva Leather; m number 75125.  This bag is  Charmiyi®.

From the second it arrived I’ve been impressed! The Valentine arrives very well packaged with bubble wrap inside the bag to help the handbag keep its shape. The gold feet on the bottom of the bag are even covered to protect them from getting scuffed. The zipper tassels and handle were also covered to protect them during shipping. The handbag arrived inside a light dust cover as well. Completely AWESOME packing!!

The Valentine is made of genuine cowhide leather with gold-tone hardware including the beautiful V on the front of the bag. On the back side of the bag is a zippered pocket which is PERFECT for putting my cell phone and my ID. Keeping both safe and secure and easily accessible without digging inside the bag.  The bag closes with a zipper on the top. There is a flap that tucks inside the top of the bag and shuts with a strong magnet. This is a secure bag!

Then there is the interior! Full of pockets including an interior pocket in the center of the bag that closes with a zipper.  The interior zippered pocket is perfect for my make-up and other small items.

Inside this beautiful bag on one side is a pocket for my cell phone and a second slightly larger pocket that can hold your passport or similar sized items. Both pockets are big enough to hold several things. Along the other side is another zippered pocket.  This bag is fantastic for keeping me organized!! The bag is even large enough to hold my iPad Mini.

The Valentine comes with a detachable leather shoulder strap; although the regular strap drops far enough down that I can place my bag under my arm.

The inside of the Valentine is completely lined with fabric.

This is the perfect handbag for a night out or even day-to-day. The Valentine bag is a little over 7½” wide and 19″ high and 5″ deep; it’s a great size purse.


I have a small whine about the handle of the bag. Whether it’s from shipping or the way the handbag was stored the handle has a permanent bend in it. The care that Eva Leather takes in protecting their bags and the obvious attention to detail I believe that the dents and misshapen handle was a fluke. Other than the handle this is a stunning bag that I am proud to wear!! I’m already shopping for my next designer inspired handbag from Eva Leather. Which handbag is your favorite?!?!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I can’t figure out why I like handbags so much–I never carry them, really. I only own a few, but they draw me in. If I had endless money, I’d spend too much on purses not shoes.

  • Rachel Beltz

    Wow, this is really the perfect day-to-night bag! It’s very casual yet classy!
    I love that peach colored bag! Perfect for summer!

  • Pamela Gurganus

    I really love this bag! It’s so pretty. I also love all the security features and pockets it has. Thank you for this review!

  • polly

    I love the bright & bold colors used for the purses for Spring & Summer. I always prefer the larger ones because I carry way too much ‘stuff’ in my purse.

  • Angelica

    I love bags with feet! I’m not a fan of the V decoration but the bag is cute otherwise. I’m with the gal up above, I really like the coral one!! Looks like they make some really nice handbags, for sure!

  • joanna reed

    I adore handbags. These are some lovely choices, the quality of the product based on your pictures looks quite nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • maureen

    I love a bag that is convertible and also that has feet on it so that the material does not either touch the floor or a dirty counter.

  • Cathy French

    I love handbags but since I don’t work anymore I rarely buy them. These, however have caught my eye. Very nice.


    Imelda Marcos had her shoes, with me it’s bags all the way (oh, and woolly hats!). My mother’s father was a bootmaker in a tiny village in the mountains of Wales so the smell of leather stirs up so many memories for me. Whether it’s a bag that I’ve had to save up for or a thrift shop impulse buy each is treasured equally.
    ps: you can get rid of the kink by using a covered iron on a low heat or hang it up in the sauna with you (a hot steamy bathroom will have the same effect).

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