Candy, Candy, Candy Who Loves Candy?!

Me! ME! ME!! Shouted a chorus of Grandkids. Including the NaNa! It’s okay they can have plenty of candy just before their mothers take them home. I don’t mind. (Insert evil maniacal laugh; it’s payback for their teenage years) Truthfully, I could almost, ALMOST give up coffee to feed my candy addiction; but I’m keeping both for right now.
You want to make your mouth drool, salivate, and your tummy growl? Head over to Bulk Candy Store. HOLY MOLY!! It’s Willy Wonka on steroids! Candy, candy, candy! Every delicious type you could ask for.
My very first impulse was to buy for me. me. me. Instead, I asked for the help from the three kids. BIG mistake! HUGE! They wanted one of everything! There was pointing, pouting, growling and finally the NaNa closed the lid on the laptop and I screame calmly said “You get what you get and you don’t get upset” and I walked away.

When the box arrived from Bulk Candy Store I was amazed and so thankful at their generosity!! We had a box of goodies that made everyone ecstatic!

chocolate gummiI don’t even know which candy to start with, they were all so delicious!! So, I decided in no particular order here is my candy review.

The Milk Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears were so good, SO VERY GOOD they only made it through day 2 of the camping trip. These are absolutely the perfect ratio of gummi and sweet, creamy, delicious milk chocolate. Encased in milk chocolate, the gummy bears combine two mouth-watering treats in one – a sweet gummy surprise underneath a sweet layer of rich and creamy chocolate I promise you; in my entire life THESE are the best chocolate cover gummi bears I’ve ever tasted!! E-V-E-R!!

Next up Mini Gummi Bear Cubs. HOW cute are these!?!??! About half the size of a Gummi Bear and yet still huge on taste. These only lasted to day 3 on our camping trip. Seriously, this family was in heaven!!  These Gummi Cubs are a mixed assortment of 12 Wild Fruit gummi flavors including:
Popping Pineapple 12-flavor-bear-cub_19
Bodacious Banana
Licking Lemon
Ornery Orange
Fresh Strawberry
Wild Cherry
Groovy Grapefruit
Luscious Lime
Rocking Raspberry
Concord Grape
Granny Smith Apple
Ripe Watermelon

There are approximately 250 bears per pound. Take it from me just hide the Bodacious Banana and the Groovy Grapefruit. DELICIOUS!! You’ll be glad you did!!

Next up; (yes, there is more!) These are what my Grandkids call Unicorn sticks. They are Pastel Round-Up Lollipops. They arrive 6 per package. Which is wonderful because next visit the NaNa will be sending home hyper kids yet again!! Mooooowhaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa!!

The kids went bonkers over these! These are a MUST HAVE for NaNa’s house. DELICIOUS, long-lasting, beautiful lollipop in Tutti Fruitti flavor. But trust me get your own because these guys are NOT sharing. I know from experience!! An array of pastel colors twisted together to form a pastel rainbow. While the manufacturer calls it a “small” 1 oz lollipop, but at 9″ tall, this is HUGE pop for kids!!  Each pop has 5″ of candy on the 9″ stick.

chocolate_micro_pretzelsNext up Micro-Mini Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Ohhh NaNa these are good!!  This is one sorry NaNa because I wish that I hadn’t taken these on the camping trip. I wish I had been greedy and kept them at home so I could have enjoyed each and every single one. The perfect ratio of crunchy salty pretzel and rich creamy milk chocolate. I heard your tummy growl just now! Oh wait, that was mine; never mind.  So good!!

These minis are about half the size of a regular mini pretzel. Salty and sweet and as addicting as potato chips, you won’t be able to have just one! I promise! Had there been even one left I would have used it to top a bowl of ice cream. Doesn’t that sound delicious?!

And last but certainly not least. Jellybeans!! I have an old-fashioned Jellybean dispenser. It takes a penny to get a toddler size handful of jellybeans. This NaNa can stop a fight, get a mess cleaned up; more importantly a kiss and a hug anytime I want. Well, as long as I have a penny in my hand that is.  The candy dispenser stands on the floor and it’s not something you travel with!! Which truly is the only reason we have any candy left!! We received Jelly Belly Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix. COLD STONE people!! As in the best ice cream place on the planet!!  From Chocolate Devotion to Apple Pie Ala Cold Stone; from Mint Mint Chocolate Chip to Birthday Cake Remix it’s all there. It’s all mouth-watering delicious just like it was scooped into a fresh warm waffle cone except there is no melting and no mess! MY kind of ice cream!

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PAAAAAAALEASE!! We are talking about candy! We are talking excellent tasting, flavorful candy!! There wasn’t a single whine in the entire house! Or campsite either. EVERYONE in our camp was blown away by the flavor!! Don’t hesitate to purchase from the Bulk Candy Store. You will NOT be disappointed!!



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