Family Fun: What Will You Do In Summer?

Before you know it, summer will be here again. If you like to plan ahead, then you should look into popular summer activities that your whole family can enjoy.

What can your family do for summer fun? Go outside. Physical activity is essential for good health. Combining physical activity with eating right can help you avoid all sorts of health problems.

Besides prevention, physical activity can promote strong bones, build lean muscle, burn fat, and help weight control. In addition, it can improve flexibility, cardiovascular health, and bone and joint development.

Children should get at least an hour of active play to maintain good health and the right bodyweight. It seems hard to imagine a bygone era when it was difficult to get kids to come in before dinner got cold. Now parents have a new challenge: getting their kids outside. It’s no easy task dragging kids away from all their fascination with media entertainment. Young children and teenagers can spend the entire day indoors, watching television, using computers, playing video games, or texting on cell phones.

Get Out and Have Some Fun Together

Summer is a good time to increase physical activity through some form of structured recreational activity. With that in mind, here are 5 ideas on how a family can have fun together this summer:

  1. Go Boating

There is something about gazing dreamily at the wide open waters and the azure sky while zipping along in a boat that makes one feel happy for no reason. Cares and bothers blow away with the passing breeze.

By the end of a boating trip, everyone is in the best of moods, even if the trip started out with sulks and tantrums. Life is good after a few hours of rowing or using a paddleboat, and it’s positively exhilarating if you’ve been out on a powerboat or sailboat.

In fact, your family might enjoy boating so much that it may be worth your time to look into boat loan rates to find something that is affordable. Boating also opens up the whole wide world of water sports. For instance, with a powerboat, you can learn to enjoy the thrill of waterskiing.

  1. Go on an ATV tour

ATVs can be tremendous fun. Why not check out local ATV outfitters or rental companies to find out the best ATV trails, locations that are both safe and legal? You can also just ask them to take you on a tour of their most popular ATV trails.

  1. Go Hiking

One of the big advantages of hiking is that it really gives you a good workout without getting bored. It’s easy to travel by foot along hiking trails, or occasionally get off the trail and scramble up a few rocks along the way.

Hiking improves the health of muscles, bones, heart, and lungs. It is also fun to explore new places and come across breathtaking vistas.

Hiking can also be combined with camping.

The best places to hike are in National Parks that you’ve never visited before. There is a certain thrill when you’re having a novel experience. Nature appears even more delightful.

Writer Robert Earle Howells believes that the best places to hike are in our scenic National Parks There are some 20 National Parks that offer breathtaking vistas. Here is a description from one of his hikes:

“The signature hike of Grand Teton National Park threads its way along the interior spine of the Teton Range, joining high divides and passes, alpine lakes, and intimate looks at those iconic craggy summits. The brief hiking season coincides with a supernova burst of color—carpets of lupine, streams choked with mountain bluebells. At Fox Creek Pass you get sweeping views of Jackson Hole in Wyoming and Teton Valley in Idaho. And starting in Hurricane Pass, every view for several miles frames the three Tetons in all their glory.”

  1. Go Biking

Biking is something that the whole family can enjoy together. Like hiking it’s an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health. You can bike anywhere—in urban or rural areas. Explore your local neighborhoods on bikes or pack your bikes in your car and look for a beautiful country road you can explore.


  1. Go Swimming

Swimming can be fun whether it’s a local community pool or a lake. Perhaps, if you’re near the coastline, you can even visit the beach.

Swimming is a great way to enjoy the warm summer weather, and whether you’re doing laps or simply splashing around, you’re burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, and having a great time.

Another benefit of swimming is that it increases flexibility. Since it’s a low-impact activity, it’s ideal for people who have lower back pain or other injuries that make activities like hiking difficult.

Enjoy an Adventurous Summer

When you think about it, there is a lot you can do as a family to enjoy the summer. It’s an excellent time of the year to create family memories. Ideally, you should go to a new place, one where you have never been before, to get the most out of your family activities. Novelty stimulates the imagination and puts an end to our fretting over the many small issues and day to day concerns that often preoccupy us.


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