Yesterday I talked about the aging advantages and disadvantages.  I don’t have to color my hair anymore unless I want too. I’m retired and can pretty much do as I want. If I want I can sit on my tush and binge watch Netflix shows 24/7. I’m my own boss.

binge watch netflix

I wish my body knew that I was in charge! Between hot-flashes; (which I would TOTALLY deny if given the opportunity) to being ‘regular’ my body has a mind of its own.

Oh to be young again when I didn’t have to think about getting enough fiber in my diet. Who knew that fiber would turn out to be my best friend?

Seriously, fiber is good for everything from lowering my cholesterol (which is too high according to my doctor!) To helping control your blood sugar levels; when you have a high occurrence of diabetes in the family like I do this is REALLY important!! Ahhh genetics!!


Fiber is also so important in normalizing bowel movements. Who would have thought that would even be an issue ….. like EVER!?!? I sure didn’t think that when I was young.

Your body needs fiber but never actually digests. Did you know that fiber actually remains intact. Someone once told me it remains more or less the same from plate to toilet. There are two varieties, soluble and insoluble. Plant based food contains a mixture of the two. The soluble fiber slows down the digestion, which will help lower cholesterol. Insoluble fiber remains unchanged all the way to the colon, making waste heavier and softer so you can ‘go’ easier.

I know that if I would eat more fiber I would find it easier to achieve a healthy weight. It’s not hard to do either fiber is in so many items. I don’t think you can walk down any aisle in the grocery store without seeing fiber on the label. I really have no excuse either because fiber is even in the vegetable in the form of broccoli, split peas and even lima beans! How about avocados!? I had no idea. Cereals? Of course.  Even fibers for keto. Did you know that even blueberries have fiber!

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  • Rosie

    Plate to toilet – love it! I eat a lot of beans, good fiber, good for you, and good for the wallet. I’d love to eat a ton of blueberries, expensive. Growing up on top of a mountain we had wild blueberry bushes everywhere and loved picking buckets and buckets.

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