Tips To Help You Have Better Sleep!

Ever wonder about those guys that work until late and are among the first to arrive at the office and looking refreshed? We all envy them and wonder what’s special about them. How do they do it? We all need to sleep at some point.

Sleeping is vital to our health and overall well-being. But in as much as we should get plenty of shut-eye, it does not mean that we quit our jobs because we have to be up early to get to the office, or that we forgo certain activities such as the weeknight concert. What matters is not so much the quantity of sleep you get but rather the quality. To improve your sleep quality and make you relax, you could try taking some CBD capsules from a retailer such as

According to research done by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the essential things to have a slumber that goes through the various phases of sleeping which collectively promote having enough rest needs to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized. In light of this, below are some of the crucial things you can do to start having a restful night’s sleep.

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  1. Determine How Much Sleep You Need

The regular hours of sleeping should be between 6 – 8 hours per night, but less than 1% of the population get this much sleep. For most adults, the journey to dreamland is often more than eight hours with some needed nearly ten hours for them to wake up fully rested. For others, seven hours of sleep will suffice.

You should know how much sleep you need by creating a personal sleep monitoring system; try this during a weekend that you have set aside to stay home and unwind. Go to bed on Friday at the regular time you do on the other days and wake up naturally as opposed to it being a necessity like when rushing to work. In short, do not set the alarm. Do the same on Saturday night. The average of the hours that lapse between the two days is how long you should sleep every other night.

  1. Use Earplugs

Birds are early risers, and they always want to make it known judging by the racket they make. Why should they have to wake you up even when you want to sleep in since you do not have much to do on that day? Block them out as well as any other noise with earplugs. Keep in mind that we are all created different, and thus you cannot just use any random earplugs. Shop around to find what works best for you.

Joyce Walsleben, as sleep expert and professor at the NYU school of medicine, says the earplugs by Howard Leight Max used by most construction workers are among the best. Some people prefer silicone earplugs over those made from foam because the latter tend to fall out and the former, such as the Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs remain in place until the morning.

  1. Allow Your Feet Take A Peek

If you have noted that you have one or both feet peeking out of the covers when you wake up, then you most likely are sleeping well. The human body prefers being cool when sleeping; it will become restless when it gets too hot under the covers. Uncovering a foot or both is one of the responses in the effort to cool down without becoming fully awake.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the feet can give off heat thus aiding in cooling the body because they are hairless and have plenty of arteriovenous anastomoses, special blood vessels that dilate when the body is too hot is a bid to dissipate the heat.

  1. Invest in a Mattress

Great mattresses can make a night’s rest a whole lot easier and if your current one hasn’t been changed for a decade, then think about investing.

A new mattress can make all the difference and really help enhance sleep. It truly is an investment and is something that a lot of people overlook. We heard good things about the Tuft and Needle mattress and it’s received positive reviews in a number of publications – perhaps it’s worth a look.

  1. Take A Warm Bath

The body temperature tends to drop as we sleep, the cooler we feel, the better the sleep. As such, try to warm up yourself first before jumping into bed. The director of the Sleep and Memory Lab of the University of Manchester, England says that hot bath is an excellent way of raising your body temperature in preparation for bed; it also is relaxing.  Adding some whole milk in the tub adds some fats that soften the skin. The bath will, therefore, see you enjoy a restful night and wake up feeling alert and with the added advantage of smoother skin.

  1. Don’t Freak Out

The nights when the sleep seems to be far gone, the bed can feel tiresome making you want to scream and cry the hours away before getting up for work. Such situations make it hard for you to stay alert and active for the better part of the day. According to a 2014 research, most professionals will benefit significantly from getting enough quality sleep. It could be deep sleep within a short period but frequent, and this will be refreshing than for people who received some sleep incentives.

The pressure to try and have some shut eye often leads to insomnia. To deal with this, try not to calculate the hours left before you have to get out of bed, it does not help. Also, do not stress over waking up in the middle of the night; it is normal since it can have even five times during the night. Fortunately, the mind is still in “sleep mode.” Lastly, let your thoughts be on something that is pleasant that has a calming effect so allow you to drift to sleep.


  • Angela Saver

    A good mattress definitely makes a huge difference! I’m so glad we got our new mattress and we definitely sleep better! So true that the pressure to get some sleep can lead to insomnia, so it’s best to not freak out.

  • CJ

    I generally sleep very well unless something is on my mind… Then it’s nearly impossible. I need to find a way to shut my brain off from thinking… lol. 😉

  • Rosie

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone mention Mack’s silicone earplugs. I make sure I’m not without them – EVER – and use them all the time. I’ve always been sensitive to any noise, sound, whatever! The trick that helps me fall asleep is having some magazines, not a novel you can’t put down and stay up all night!!

  • Robin Creager

    Great tips! I must admit going with a harder mattress would help our aches and pains well it didn’t. Not only did we go with a more affordable mattress, one that fits our budget, we picked one that was like sleeping on bricks. Live and learn I guess, don’t go cheap.

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