I Don’t Want To Exercise!!

I don’t WANT to exercise! Seriously, does anyone? Okay, I take that back, people like my two daughters, LOVE to exercise. They love to run, jog, go to the gym, workout, all of it. Both my girls love to run in marathons, me? I’ll run if a man with a hatchet is behind me but that’s the ONLY reason that I will run!  Wait, that’s not true, I do run after 2 year old Alice most days.  THAT TOTALLY COUNTS!!!  I do LOVE running after her and it IS cardio!! That kid can run!SweatyBetty3 SweatyBetty5

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you’ve heard me say the ONLY exercise that I do enjoy is Yoga. I love everything about Yoga! From the quiet, the soft music, the absolute heavenly feeling of happiness after a class, to the adorable yoga clothing!! I love stretch pants, yoga pants, whatever you want to call them. I don’t want the old sweatpants that are thick and look like they could stand on their own.  I want PRETTY yoga pants. I want yoga pants with style!  I found these super cute Vinyasa Yoga Capris over at Sweaty Betty.  Lovin’ this site!! The name, Sweaty Betty, that cracks me up! But, more importantly, there are rave reviews throughout the site! On everything I picked!

Seriously!  HOW cute are the Capri’s on the left???!?!? How cute is that whole outfit!?!?!

When you are shopping on the Sweaty Betty site, when you mouse over an item, you’ll see a FULL outfit!  I love that! I don’t have to try and piece together a look, the Sweaty Betty folks already have! Doesn’t matter if I’m picking sweat pants, shorts or even just a simple T-shirt, I get to see a completed outfit!!

OH MY GOODNESS!! Check out the outfit on the right?  Totally in love with the look!!  I’d even be willing to ride a BIKE for that outfit!!  Can’t you just picture yourself walking along the beach in that pretty peach top?  The outfit on the right is from the Spa Looks. NOW, we’re talkin’ my language! I could excel at Spa days.

I would love to know, two things actually. First, do you love to exercise? Second what is your favorite outfit at Sweat Betty?




  • Alison

    That’s definitely a nice combo! I think it’s not only good for a bike ride but for some stroller walks too! 🙂 For your questions, yes I love to exercise (stroller jogging, running, walking with my kids) and about the Sweat Betty, their skorts are a lovesome! 🙂

  • nancyfancypink

    I like yoga too! These yoga clothes look so cute and comfy. Perfect for the kind of workout I enjoy (or just hanging around doing household chores….)

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