What Do Genetics And Moving Have To Do With Each Other??

What do moving and genetic have in common?  Genetics play a big part in who we are. For instance my family has a high instance of alcoholism, diabetes, all the way down to being a hoarder. It’s not just genetic, it’s in my bones! My Grandfather and my Dad both had diabetes, so far I’ve dodged that bullet. Both were alcoholics, thankfully I am not that crazy about booze. My brother, wasn’t that lucky, he got a quadruple whammy; diabetes, cancer, alcoholic and a hoarder. He was in and out of rehab places like The Recovery Village Washington for most of his 40’s.  Thankfully, the only thing that I inherited from them was my tendencies to hoard everything I’ve ever touched.  (That and thin, fine hair like my Grandmother)

Oh, but, hoarding is in my bones. In my BONES!!  This move from California to Idaho has made me very aware that I am just like my Grandfather, Dad and brother.

While I was cleaning out the California house, packing and such I started out cleaning everything I packed. I cleaned the glass in frames, I dusted and polished everything. I lovingly wrapped, taped, extra bubble wrapped and nestled each piece.

By the last few box I was tossing things in muttering “if it breaks it breaks I don’t CARE”.

The Husband and I have brought up several loads of ‘treasures’ (seriously, if this wasn’t a pg blog I would be using WAY different words to describe what has been brought up here). We have a moving company that will be delivering most of the boxes, but we are still doing a few extra car loads.

So, with all the boxes we drove up I admit I did a horrible job!! H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E job. Yes, the boxes are marked with the room they go in. Smart, but very. VERY. V-E-R-Y insufficient.  My tip to those that are moving in the future write a list on the box. This box contains: glasses, cups, saucers, tea. It only has to be on the top or on the side but write everything! Seriously!!!!
I have 20 boxes opened that say Kitchen. I still haven’t found the (#&$*$U& can opener!!)
I have 10 boxes opened that say Master Bathroom. I still haven’t found a nail file. Note to self…. next time you move trim all your nails down short or you’ll have 6 nails to the quick and 4 stupidly long nails.

Had I written details about what is in each box maybe I would have more useful items in the Idaho house right now and less still sitting in the livingroom in California.

Maybe I wouldn’t have had to purchase a hammer and nails because I would have BROUGHT them with ME!!  Of course, I also only had about a dozen pictures with me because the other boxes ……. yup…. in California.

So, my moving tip of the day?!?  Over explain what is in each box. It will be a pain in the tush but it will, in the long run, be worth the extra effort!!

Now, back to trying to locate the box with the extra batteries!!

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