Fotor Simple Yet Powerful Digital Image Enhancer!

Within a second on Peanut Butter and Whine you know that I love photography. I love taking photographs. From Yosemite to the beach here in Southern California. On top of pretty scenery, spending my days with 5-year-old Alice gives me even more reasons to reach for my camera. Seriously, how cute is this kid?!

I may reach for my camera a LOT doesn’t mean that the pictures are all frame worthy.  HA! That’s funny, I made a joke; maybe 10% are even worth sharing. Even that 10% half of those photographs need to be cleaned up in some way. Maybe just cropped, lightened or adjusted in some way.

I am always on the hunt to find an easy to use photography site.  With the huge emphasis on EASY!  I found Fotor. First and foremost this site photo editing site fits my number one concern and that is EASY TO USE!! I don’t need a user manual! I don’t need to watch a million YouTube videos to learn the steps. I LOVE that! Fotor is a simple yet powerful digital image enhancer program. One that I am comfortable using immediately upon opening the site. HORRAH!!!

Here comes my very favorite part! FOTOR is 100% **FREE!!  Check OUT all the features!!

From cropping to beauty fix. Add borders, frames and  From designing new Facebook or YouTube header. To making cards and posters. You could even create a collage.

Fotor is not only a photo editing site but one that also allows me to mix it up with some really fun effects!! So I picked a random photograph to show you the different looks. Starting with the original photo.

Foto photo enhancer

My favorite adjustment is the Color Fantasy shot. I love this effect!!!! This one will get printed out on photo paper and framed. It’s just too cool not too right??

I can even add stickers to my photos!

I can even create COLLAGES!! Collages with borders. Even water borders! Yes, I am very proud of myself here. I love this little collage with a few of the photo-effects that are available. How cute is this?!

**There are many other premium features available for a very reasonable $39.99 a year! Which would open up tons more features.


Ummm… hello?? Fotor is making me look like a better photographer. How in the world could I whine about that?!



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