5 Degrees That Are Worth the Investment

Studying a degree can be incredibly rewarding, and lead to a higher paid career. Unfortunately, the cost often puts people off. With a university education more expensive than ever, and the costs of living increasing all the time, it can be a struggle. If you do want to continue your education, these costs mean you’ll want to make sure it is worth it. These are five of the most worthwhile careers, both in terms of future earning potential, and career fulfilment.


A career in healthcare is probably one of the most rewarding out there. Earning potential is also great, and as the population continues to grow, your skills will always be in high demand. There is a lot of choice within the healthcare sector. Whether you want to work with patients as a nurse or a doctor, or would prefer less patient contact in a role such as administration or research, if you are tempted by a career in the healthcare industry, an MSN administration degree is a fantastic place to start.


There couldn’t be a better time to get in to marketing. There are so many new or developing marketing strategies at the moment, including social media and influencer marketing. The use of digital techniques in marketing is evolving all the time and marketers need to keep up. Studying marketing now could potentially give you an advantage over those with more experience, who aren’t up to date with new techniques. Marketing is also a massively growing industry. There are more people than ever starting their own businesses or going freelance. Often, these people seek to employer marketers to help them grow their businesses. A degree in marketing could see you start to make back your investment immediately.

Computer Science

Computers and technology are becoming a much bigger part of our day to day lives. We are online, and connected, constantly. This is only going to continue into the future. A computer science or tech related degree could see you on the cutting edge of new developments. A degree like this would mean you could get an incredibly well paid job.

Civil Engineering

As the population grows, so does the need for civil engineers. Buildings, bridges, airports and dams need to be built, as cities continue to expand and develop. There are also an awful lot of aging buildings that need to be maintained and city planning problems that need to be solved. The need for civil engineers is set to rise by 20% by 2022, with wages set to rise along with demand.

Financial Planning

Those working in the financial industry are also in high demand. We all have money, but not all of us know what we are doing with it. Many small businesses and start-ups rely on the help of financial planners, and big businesses often have in house financial departments. Working with money is an incredibly important role and the wage often reflects this responsibility.

Gaining a degree can be exceptionally worthwhile. Just make sure to study something you feel passionately about, and that guarantees you a job once you graduate. Courses such as MSN in nursing administration are available online, making them even more cost effective.


  • Rosie

    These sound good. There certainly are plenty of degrees not worth getting if you are getting the degree for a good paycheck.

  • michele

    All these degrees are great but healthcare and computer science are areas that I believe are open now for a good job.. ready employment when you are done….

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have so many relatives who have gone back to school & become nurses. It seems to be a job that is always pretty secure.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Do you know something, when conscription was still happening in the UK, Dad became head of a tank squad in Egypt during the Suez Crisis. This sparked his interest in mechanical engineering & electronics that he carried through until his dying day.
    Our little family was moved from the UK to set up an Irish offshoot.
    Fifty(ish) years later, Dad’s not here any more to look after problems with the well or the cattle-grid etc. but I’m so glad that he taught me and regarded me as an equal when it came to DIY, major plumbing jobs, and, of course, looking after our well.

  • clojo9372

    This is seriously amazing advice. So many people graduate from high school and have no clue what to do (I was one of them way back when). A helpful guide on what’s available and what could possibly lead to a good paying job is essential.

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