Free Baby Gender Predictor Test!!

I have a fun test for you pregnant ladies today, but first I have a question. If you are pregnant now, or when you were pregnant, did you find out the gender of the baby before the arrival? I didn’t, truthfully, I’m not really sure it was even an option (way back then? It was only 1977!) It wouldn’t have mattered,  I already ‘KNEW’ I was having a girl.  I was so convinced I was having a girl I wouldn’t let anyone buy anything for a boy. I ‘KNEW’ I was a girl.  I was right too.  Thank heavens or ‘he’ would have only had pink and frills till I could do some returns!

If the Internet had been around back then (MAN does that make me old or WHAT!?) anyway, if it had been around, I would have been one of the first one’s to take the baby gender predictor test!!  Course, again, I would have dared it to defy me!!  I hope there are some pregnant readers out there, that will take this test and tell me if it works.  It’s all for fun, you’ll enter your birthday and the estimated date of conception. The Gender Predictor tool is based on the Chinese Gender Chart which is rumored to be over 90% accurate.

After you take this test, please come back and tell me your results!!!


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