Gary Allan in San Diego!!!!!!

HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!! My sweet Daughter Selena went with me to watch Gary Allan in concert. ( I’m pretty sure DH made Selena go with me just to sure I didn’t rush the stage or try and sneak on Gary’s tour bus….. …(HEY! Selena had my car key’s she would have been just fine!!) But now I’m home, hoarse from screaming and singing. My feet hurt from dancing and stomping and more dancing…..(and by dancing I really mean swaying wildly)…….but, I am still too pumped up to sleep!!! .. Man oh MAN did I have fun.  Gary Allan is soooooooooo talented and sooooo pretty!!! I love me some Gary Allan!!! Selena said she couldn’t remember a concert where so many people knew all the words. Ahhhh DUH it’s GARY ALLAN!!!! Thank you Selena I had a GREAT time with you!!!  But remember the next time security says “may I help you” and I answer I’m with the band …. don’t ask “What? When?? WAIT WHO??” We coulda been on the BUS!!!!!!!!!

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