GlobeIn January Box Review

Once again I have to shout! I LOVE MY JOB!! I’m just giddy to be able to review January’s GlobeIn Box. I LOVE this subscription service! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the entire premise to GlobeIn! All of the items in each months box are handmade and Fair Trade items that support artisans from all walks of life. All over the globe!

January’s box is all abimageout relaxation!! Check out these treasures to soothe your soul! Once again, even the box is a treasure. On the side of the box is written

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden”  -Goethe-


GlobeIn makes your subscription a special gift all the way around. Inside the box nestled in straw is a pink and white straw basket with a lid. These little baskets are perfect for holding all my goodies, better than a gift box for presents and my favorite to hold beauty products on my bathroom counter.

The Palm Leaf Baskets are handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico. At six years old, artisan Martina Garcia learned palm weaving to help out her aunt. Now, with a family of her own, she has used her GlobeIn earnings to invest in a small market space where she can sell her work and create new products.


Next up; handmade in Northern Israel in the Galilee Region; Dead Sea Mud Soap. Sindyanna is dedicated to improving the status of Arab women in their society. By partnering with Israeli olive farmers and creating meaningful work for Palestinian women, the female-led cooperative builds bridges in a turbulent region.

If you’ve never tried Dead Sea Mud Soap, you are in for a real TREAT!!!  This is a rich feeling soap that is ohh’laaa laaaa wonderful for your skin. Even the box that the soap arrives in is special. I ADORE this soap!!


Yerba Mate tea, arrives in a small canvas bag with 3 different tea flavors.

Guayaki is using market-driven incentives to reforest 200,000 acres and create 1,000 jobs by the year 2020. Organic Yerba Mate is brewed from the leaves of the South American holly tree, which needs shade and a healthy rainforest to grow.

This is a great tasting tea!


Shea Shampoo Handmade in Togo, West Africa

Kept out of the classroom from an early age, Tongolese women are commonly illiterate and unemployable. Alaf a supports inclusive education initiatives while
helping all women earn fair wages using their traditional shea butter production skills.

I used the Shea Shampoo and WOW! I’m flabbergasted at how soft my hair is after just one shampooing!! WOOOO!! I abuse my hair, highlights, lowlights, blow drying, flat iron almost daily and this shampoo makes my hair soft, manageable and SHINY!!!


Wait till you see this candle! Not just any candle, but a hand-painted candle.  Handmade in Napier, South Africa Nobunto (meaning “for the people”) is a cooperative working to alleviate poverty in this South African village. Members work within their community, forming each candle and painting it with locally inspired designs.

This is an adorable candle!! Absolutely adorable!! For the record I’m not lighting this candle. EVER!! It’s that cute!!


Yup, once again I kept my favorite for last. This is a hand crocheted Natural Hemp Washcloth. It’s a washcloth that more a mitt than just a washcloth. Talk about a fantastic exfoliate!!
Handmade in Bagdha, Bangladesh Bagdha’s rural women artisans depend on their crafting income to make ends meet. The community cleans and spins raw hemp into yarn, which they use to knit purses, bath mats and washcloths.

GlobeIn is one of the most unique subscription boxes out there! Imagine receiving a gift box of original crafts by global artisans!! I am absolutely thrilled with GlobleIn.

Each month included in your box are information cards that tells you about each item included in the that months subscription.

Each of the artists featured in January’s Subscription boxes are immensely talented!! I have items from around the globe to display in MY HOME. HANDMADE items that I would have never learned about without GlobeIn. From presentation to the handcrafted items themselves this is an AMAZING subscription service!!

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Are you kidding?! I have items from around the world proudly displayed in my home! From South Africa to Israel; Bangladesh to Mexico. What’s not to love?!?!?!
I LOVE this subscription!!! I truly can’t wait to see what arrives in February!!


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GlobeIn isn’t just subscription boxes either! You can shop for housewares, jewelry, clothing, purses!!  Check out some of my very favorites from my wishlist! I’m obsessed with big, chunky, bold rings! Look at these treasures! For under $40!!!

I’d love to know what catches your eye!



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