Kidz Gear Deluxe Headset Review

Cuteness alert!! We’ve all seen headsets for kids; but Kidz Gear took this headset to a whole new level!! Check this OUT!!  Kidz Gear Deluxe Headset is first, adorable. THE perfect shade of pink for the Princess of Pink; Miss Alice. As soon as Alice saw the box she was grinning ear to ear; EVEN with this nasty cold she has!!

The headset ear pieces are very padded for extra comfort. These are so comfortable that Alice doesn’t want to stop wearing them! Ergonomically designed with soft padded child-sized ear-cups!! 

The Kidz Gear Deluxe Headset is adjustable for kids with smaller heads. I LOVE that this headset HOLDS the fit too.  Alice has other headsets that after wearing them for a while the headset starts to move and expand.

What makes this headset truly spectacular is the BOOM Microphone!! Alice and her Grammie in Tennessee do Skype phone calls a couple of times a week. The normally loud and feisty Alice mumbles when she’s on Skype. The Boom Microphone picks up even a whisper. CRISP, clear speaking with this mic.


The Kidz Gear Deluxe Stereo Headset is compatible with all devices that use a 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jack.  We use the Kidz Gear on the iPad, laptop and my cell phone!!  You can use your Kidz Gear including iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, Android smartphones and tablets, computers, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones.


Kidz Gear even includes a 3 piece Headset Audio Splitter Cable to ensure that this headset will work with ALL your electronics. I love this added bonus!! Kidz Gear has really thought of everything!!

Kidz Gear is perfection for ALL audio educational and entertainment apps and software. Perfect for homeschooling!!

I absolutely LOVE that the Kidz Gear wired headphones feature proprietary Kidz Control Volume Limit Technology.  The technology works by limiting” the volume to approximately 80% of the maximum volume output capable from audio devices in the market today.  KidzControl Volume Limit Technology delivers a safe volume limited listening experience for children of all ages.

I just want to SHOUT! I LOVE this headset!!

The flexible boom mic is omni-directional. I tried to show Alice that the mic could be moved away from her mouth; she was having NONE of that! She LOVES having that mic in front of her mouth.

The Kidz Gear headphone is not a toy. These are actual, REAL working, HIGH QUALITY, high performance headphones.

Available in an array of great colors!! Kidz Gear comes with a padded, drawstring bag to keep your headset in when not in use.

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Not a SINGLE one!! Alice would sleep in her Kidz Gear headset if she could! We give Kidz Gear Headset 4 enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP!!!

Incorporated in 2001, San Ramon, California Supply and Beyond, LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of the Kidz Gear brand of products and accessories.  The Kidz Gear brand was created by founder and mother Laurie Peterson with the purpose of developing a line of products and accessories with adult features, performance and quality but with ergonomic sizes, styles and prices for children.  The Kidz Gear product line has received rave reviews and awards from various Mother’s Group Organizations and industry publications.  The company is continually focused on bringing more products to market that support the company’s mission – Grown-Up Performance, Built for Kids! 

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