Good wrinkles!

I read an article recently that asked “Do you get wrinkles in the brain every time you learn something?” The short answer is No. The long answer is cut and pasted below in cause you are like DH and need the long boring drawn out answer. Now that’s not to say the wrinkles aren’t important……the article went on to answer “Do the amount of wrinkles on your brain determine how smart you are?”

Answer: The wrinkles are actually physical, tangible “proof” of your knowledge.

All of this blah blah blah is just a way to tell you I got new wrinkles on my brain tonight!! I signed up for a night class!! Now my wrinkled brain hurts. Not to mention my butt! Those chose chairs are the reason we squirm in class!!!

Now… for those of you that want a new wrinkle read on. For everyone else… I’ll talk to you tomorrow!
This is from WikiAnswers:

Do you get wrinkles in the brain every time you learn something?

We don’t start out with wrinkly brains, however; a fetus early in its development has a very smooth little brain. As the fetus grows, its neurons also grow and migrate to different areas of the brain, creating the sulci and gyri. By the time it reaches 40 weeks, its brain is as wrinkled as yours is (albeit smaller, of course). So we don’t develop new wrinkles as we learn. The wrinkles we’re born with are the wrinkles we have for life, assuming that our brains remain healthy.
Our brains do change when we learn — it’s just not in the form of additional sulci and gyri. This phenomenon is known as brain plasticity. By studying changes in the brains of animals like rats as they learn tasks, researchers have discovered that synapses (the connections between neurons) and the blood cells that support neurons grow and increase in number. Some believe that we get new neurons when we make new memories, but this hasn’t yet been proven in mammalian brains like ours.

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