Green Choice Carpet…. HELP! ME!! PLEASE?!?!?

I work better under pressure.  There is no other way to explain why I am sitting here watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy KNOWING that I have so much to do before Alice’s second birthday party TOMORROW!!  I’m making good use of the commercials though, I’m making a mental list of things that need to be done.  The longer the list gets… the lazier I feel.
I wish I lived in Brooklyn or the Tri-State New York area.  I’d call Green Choice Carpet and half of my worries would be taken care of!! I’d have clean carpets. I’d have clean upholstery
Between their team having a collective, 40 years of experience and the way they believe in sustainable living I’d be SET!!
I don’t want the harmful chemicals and toxins in my home.  Too many little people are in and out of here.  Then there are the pets!! Green is the way for me. 
These guys do it all. Carpets, upholstery and even leather upholstery restoration!! They clean air ducts too!! 
These guys guarantee timely and efficient service and PROMPT appointments!!  Even offering 24/7 appointments!! Same DAY!! Weekends!! AND at no additional cost!!  Their cutting edge cleaning equipment is the highest rated! 100% green enzyme-based carpet cleaners that ensure a thorough natural clean.
Do you think they could fly out here to sunny California and help me out…. just this once??
Alright…… here I go…. off the couch… going… maybe one more dvr show first.

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  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Oh we have a procrastinator I see. LoL Sounds like me. Would be awesome to have the furniture and carpets cleaned though. I even thought about taking out the carpets and putting in hardwood flooring with my rescue dogs it would be much easier. Thanks for sharing.

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