Mazda5 Grand Touring Wrap UP!

I had the ultimate pleasure of driving a Mazda5 Grand Touring to Yosemite.  The Mazda5 is a true  delight to drive!! The car drives smoothly! The handling is amazing. It drives like a small car with all the features of a large family car. The greatest feature for me? 25.5 miles per gallon MOUNTAIN driving!! That’s OUTSTANDING!!

I love the amount of room in this car!! 3 rows of seating!! We took the Mazda5 on our day trips, 4 adults and a toddler in a carseat and still room in the back for picnic lunch, stroller and day packs! 

More to love:
Sunroof. Double Sliding Doors (the greatest invention ever!!)

EASY to get to carseat anchors. (Mom’s will really love this feature! No crawling over seats!!)

Storage under the seats in the middle row. Storage between the middle seats. Cup holders for all.

2 charging ports.
MP3/iPad hook up.
Heated seats and side mirrors.
Air vent for the backseats.
5 speed automatic.
3 Homelink buttons and a compass in the rear view mirror!

Price? $24,470  

Disclosure I received a complimentary week driving the Mazda5 for the purpose of my review. (They aren’t letting me keep this one either I checked AGAIN!!) No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way. 


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