Multi-tasking in the car…….. not a good idea!!

Parents are more likely to drive distracted when traveling with kids in the car. In a new study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 90 percent of parents admitted multitasking while driving. Distracted drivers are more likely to get into crashes while driving their vehicles, especially while driving children between the ages of one and 12. The survey looked at the number of behaviors distracted drivers engaged in when traveling with children. A total of 618 participants participated in the survey. Respondents were asked to indicate whether or not they had engaged in driving texting, self-care, childcare, phone use, entertainment and directions while driving. Ninety-three percent of all respondents admitted to engaging in all of the activities. Consolidating many activities into one user interface can reduce the need to multitask. While certain activities like grooming and self-care can’t be combined into a single user interface, there are quite a few things that can be combined into one system. A bluetooth carkit is an example of one of those things. A system can combine many of these activities, which can cut down on fumbling. The multi-touch capacity screen unit syncs smartphone devices, MP3 musicplayers, and tablets altogether in a single unit. The advanced voice recognition call management system removes the need for answering each call individually with bluetooth, hands-free technology. Navigation features make it easier for the person to quickly download directions and instructions. The carkit system operates on the same level as the iPad or any other sophisticated smart phone device. The technology streamlines some of the most common activities a person engages in by consolidating them into one convenient bluetooth carkit. Systems like Parrot Bluetooth car kit at may be beneficial in cutting down on distracted driver behavior.


  • ann

    This sounds like a good idea for the cars. It is distracting with kids in the car , their always talking or fighting or something. And I really HATE when people are talking or texting on their phones while driving. Its to dangerous.

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