Yosemite! The perfect place to camp!

Yosemite in May is spectacular!!  I wanted to share some of my pictures!

We drove the Mazda5 packed to the gills! Traveling with a two year old means we took a LOT more than last years camping trip!

Diane, you asked if I meant camping as in ……. sleeping bag…. tent…. yup!! We do cheat a little and use air mattresses.  Let me tell you what!! I was so thankful to DH for the new sleeping bag he bought me for Mother’s Day!!  I was toasty warm!! It was FREEZING at night!!

Camping with a toddler also means you have to ignore the dirt……… a LOT of dirt!

I want y’all to know Selena and Dan put up that HUGE 10 man tent, inflated the air mattresses, put suitcases in, set up the sleeping bags, filled the bear locker with the food ALL BEFORE I put that STUPID little TINY pink tent together for Alice. Although it is adorable and she had a great time in it, it was a pain in the arse to put together!!


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