Guess Who! Game Review And GIVEAWAY!

A few weekends a month Emma, Eli and I have pajama Sundays. We play games and stay in our jammies all day. They are the best Sundays ever! This Sunday we played Guess Who. A classic family game from 1979 Guess Who!

Emma is 6 and Eli is 5 and both have a GREAT time with this game!! I don’t dare arrive Sunday mornings without this game in particular! It’s one of those fun games that gets kids to think and notice differences in people. The process of elimination and guessing the person on their opponent’s game-board by asking questions not only helps with problem solving but helps to refine their observation skills.

The E’s love this game!! I get to play the winner. Sometimes.

Each player gets a rack of face cards that depict men and women–some with hair–long and short–and some without hair. Some people have glasses and some without, some with hats some with out and so on.

One person pulls a card and begins the process of elimination by asking questions.

There are 25 characters to choose from 20 men and 5 women. Since there are fewer women on the board we made a rule that you can’t ask if the person is a boy or girl. HA!! That just evened out the game quite a bit. The kids are very creative with there questions. For instance “Does the person wear glasses?” “Does the person have red hair” “Can you see your persons teeth?”

Once the question is asked the NO cards are laid down flat. For instance if the question is “does this person wear a hat?” if the answer is no all of the cards that have hats are placed down and out of play. This goes on until the correct person is found.

There is a counter on the base of each game board so that when these 2 can finish this game too quickly we can incorporate the under 5 guesses rule. For now, we just go till we have a winner.

This is a two player game. Each and every round is different because of the questions asked to isolate that hidden character. The first player to guess the other player’s hidden character wins the game!

We’ve also played Guess Who one at a time that helps Eli keep up. Either way, this is A FUN family time game!!

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The card holders are finicky. BUT, once you remind the kids to GENTLY push the card down the pieces stay on the board and if not they are easily snapped to the form it just takes a few extra seconds to start-up for the next game since you have to put the board back together. Minor whine. This is a fun game!!


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Guess Who Board Game!! Good LUCK!!



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