HA!! Found It!

For those of you who read the last post know that I set out my trail cams to try and catch photographs of the new bear cub that is wandering in the trees surrounding our house. Mama and cub come around daily.

So, I put two trail cameras out somewhere in the 10 acre spread then promptly forgot WHERE I set them up.

TWO DAYS PEOPLE!!! TWO!! But, I was able to locate both camera.

The first camera the battery died the same day it went out. It had ZIP, ZERO, NADDA in photos. Nothing!

The second camera I did not clear enough of the brush around it, so every shadow sunrise and sunset, every twig that moved made the camera snap away happily. I now have 546 shots of THIS!!!

I mean, it’s a cool log and all but 546 shots worth? Naaaaaaaaaa

Rosie, you are right I am the Lucille Ball of Sandpoint. Loosing the cameras and the fact that I talk to myself all the time!! If anyone were to happen upon Bear and I during our hikes they would wonder if I had escaped from the loony bin! I talk to my (late) Mom. I tell her (OUT LOUD mind you) about what my kids are up to. What Alice is doing. How my day went. I tell her about comments left here. Pretty much like I used to do all the time. Except of course it’s in the middle of the trees and I’m alone. I suppose if someone asked I would tell them I was talking to the dog.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    Connie, this made me laugh out loud and I needed that, thank you. I think you may find that there’s a very long queue to get into the loony bin. There’s a line from a song “the inmates have taken over the asylum” … sometimes I wonder who’s sane and who’s not!

    • Connie Gruning

      Sarah, OH MY GOSH, I couldn’t be more of a ditz if I tried. I went out to change out the SD sticks this morning and danged if I didn’t loose them again!! I HAVE GOT to start counting steps or trees or something! I started laughing and thought OH the Peanuts are going to love this one!! When I looked at the pictures…. in several you see me; hands on hips squinting.
      They are found, sticks replaced and I am not moving them from their current trees. No bears, no deer. Just Momma Peanut.

  • Crystal K

    SO glad you found it! Now can’t wait to see some bear cub pics 😉 And I agree with Tamra – it’s nice that you talk to your mom.

    • Connie Gruning

      Crystal and Sarah, Thank you. Today was a day that I was yelling at my Mom. I’m getting cranky, missing my kids and Alice. Feeling sorry for myself so I yelled at Mom. Then on the way to the house found a heart shaped rock and knew she was right there with me.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Hey, Connie, I talk to my Mom out loud, too. Just like I did when she was here. If you’re crazy then I’ll be needing a room in the loony bin, too, lol.

  • Terri S.

    I also have some of my best conversations when I’m walking with my dog around our pond and through our woods. ?

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