Hair Extensions – Are They For You?

When you’re watching a movie or TV and you see those long, luscious flowing locks of beautiful hair on celebrities, you may feel that pang of “I want that hair.” But you may not realize that some of that lusciousness is made up hair extensions. From movie stars to Victoria Secret models to Disney Channel girls, they’ve got hair extensions. And, real life people have them, too. If you’re dreaming of thick, long hair, you may want to consider hair extensions.

But what kind?
So many different kinds of hair extensions exist, it takes a little research before deciding on what way to go. You can go temporary or longer lasting. You can go high end and expensive, or more affordable. You can do it yourself or go to the salon. So let’s take a look at some of these choices.

• Clip in hair. These are one of the easiest types to use; you simply clip the hair pieces in to your own hair. These are also very easy to remove, so you can put them in for a single event and you’re not committed to keeping them in. You can find these hair extensions online and can have fun with different colors or keep the shades close to your own. These can be used over and over again.
• Tape in hair. These take just a little bit longer to apply than clip in, and will also last longer, but are still quite easy and can be done yourself. You can also use them over again.
• Fusion. There is cold fusion and hot fusion. These are going to be for the person who wants extensions for the long term, like 3 to 4 months. And yes, they are more expensive.
• Weave. This type is braided into your natural hair. It does take a while to get done, but has a lasting effect.
How do I find the best match?
Here are a few tips for choosing the best extensions for your hair:
• Find the style and texture that matches your natural hair. If you have wavy hair, choose wavy extensions. If you have curly or straight, choose that.
• You also want to match the color carefully. If you have highlights, you can choose a few different colors to enhance that, or if you want a statement, you can always choose a fun color to pop. You may have more fun with a clip in bright color so you don’t have to keep it in as long.
• Try to go for human hair. This is simply a better option. It will style better and tangle less. It will blend better with your own hair. Remember, if you are leaving these in for any length of time, you’ll be washing, blow drying, styling, adding product and treating it like your own hair. You want it to stand up to daily life. Also, if you color hair, you want human hair because it can be colored. Synthetic hair probably won’t stand up to all of that.

Now for some fun…
If you’re thinking about hair extensions, you may be feeling down about your own hair. Well, don’t. So many celebrities have hair extensions to create their beautiful manes. You may think all the beautiful people have natural beautiful hair that they were born with. Well, sure, some of them might, but many pay for that hair. Let’s see who may be sporting hair extensions:
• Kim Kardashian
• Beyonce
• Jennifer Lopez
• Bella Thorne
They are all beautiful women, with our without long hair. But the extensions give them that extra volume, the extra length and that extra oomph!

Hair extensions are a fun option to change up your look because they aren’t permanent, though they last for a few months. The better your extensions are, the longer the longer they’ll last and maintain a vibrant, healthy look. You can cut, color, style and treat extensions like your own hair if you have good (as in human hair) extensions. Talk to your hair stylist about them, or if you decide to do them yourself, make sure you let your stylist know when you visit. If you’re feeling envious of those with long hair, and you have trouble growing yours out, try extensions.

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