Healthiest Snacks To Bring to Your Children’s Baseball Game

Healthiest Snacks To Bring to Your Children’s Baseball Game

Children and nutritional foods go together like oil and water. But they must get their fair share of the essential nutrients, especially when a summer full of baseball is on the horizon. You want to set your kids up for success during every baseball practice, whether that involves helping them choose the right bat or supplying them with healthy snacks to keep them energized.

Try some of the healthiest snacks to bring to your children’s baseball game to help your children withstand the rigors of the upcoming baseball season.


If we were to rank these snacks by the children’s preferences, crackers — particularly of the golden fish variety — are a home run. What makes Goldfish crackers so desirable is their giant serving size. Most potato chips have a serving size of approximately 10 to 15 chips. Grabbing a handful of high-calorie, salty and fatty chips will hit the serving size easily. On the other fin, Goldfish crackers’ serving size is 55 minnows! Consuming 140 calories from 55 crackers is a ratio you can count on.

Fresh Fruit

You can never go wrong with the reliability of fresh fruit. Most children gravitate toward fruit when they start eating solid foods because of the sweet and citrusy flavor, and rarely does their palate veer them away from the sweet nectar.

The best fruit to offer is bananas because they are high in potassium. An influx of potassium is beneficial because it decreases the possibility of muscle cramps. Clementines are also clutch for supplying a quick dose of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Squeezable Yogurt

Whoever looked at yogurt in a cup and thought, “Wow, it’d be cool to eat this like it’s a Pop-Ice popsicle,” deserves all the rewards. Squeezable yogurt provides your children with vitamin D and calcium, ensuring their bones stay strong.

Granola Bars

Granola bars continue to flirt the fine line between being a candy bar and a nutritional bar. Luckily, there are a couple of good options, such as Kashi, Nature Valley or Kind. And if you want your kids to enjoy those brands, we recommend never letting them enjoy an M&M Kudos.


As parents, it’s our responsibility to provide our growing kids with all the vegetables they need to become little sluggers. If that means we have to disguise celery by covering it in peanut butter and raisins to get them to eat it, then we have to do that. Peppers, celery, carrots and snap peas are popular choices that children generally enjoy, even those who detest veggies.

Bringing the healthiest snacks to your children’s baseball game ensures that everyone has quality food. For their games this summer, be the parent to bring these goodies!


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