Here Comes The Bride!!

Christmas Pick Logo Nooooo, I’m not getting married. And neither is my adorable model 5-year-old Alice. But this dress made Alice feel like a bride! So much so that we spent an entire afternoon making the living-room bride central. We started with Alice’s pretend make up set where I channeled my inner Bobbi Brown and did her subtle make up to make her inner beauty shine. (Am I good or WHAT!!??) Alice would hold the mirror as I applied her makeup. I would say ‘do you see how this color brings out your eye color?’ Alice actually SAW color and would say “YOU are RIGHT!” I love, love, LOVE imagination play!! When Alice’s makeup was done (she wouldn’t let me touch her hair!!) we put on the dress. This flower girl dress from AbbyAbbie.Li is amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I swear I would get married in this dress if they had my size!! Heck, I would wear this dress around the HOUSE just to feel beautiful. So AbbyAbbie.Li folks could ya work on that?? dress tagFrom the hang tag on I was in LOVE!! This dress has so many layers!! Are you ready for this?? Eight LAYERS!! The sleeveless dress is fully lined. I mean lined with a nice thick cotton material which Alice proclaimed, ‘Feels Nice’. Add to that tulle, satin, lace and more tulle. The satin sash is sewn in place and has a bow in the back. The hidden zipper is long enough that Alice was able to step inside the dress. Let’s go back to the lace. Oh, my goodness! The lace is amazing. HAND MADE flowers! With pearl and sequins for embellishments. The dress is ankle length. Alice is 45.5″ tall and weighs 47.6 pounds. We ordered a size 6 and the dress hits the ground. The dress is not tight anywhere. So I would say the sizing is right on the money. This dress is dry clean or hand wash only. I would opt for dry cleaning because the dress is truly that stunning. Another thing I want to mention about this dress is the fact that it arrives with a triple strand pearl bracelet. I swear, if the bracelet was just a tad larg… ohhh I’m sensing a pattern here. Never mind. The bracelet is a great accent piece to the dress!! After the bride was fully dressed it was time for her photo shoot. Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you Alice the bride in her AbbyAbbieLi Pageant Dress:


Not a single one. The dress arrived inside out to protect the detail work. The quality and craftsmanship are amazing on this dress. Again, 8 layers!! Pictures just do not do this dress justice!! This dress will take your breath away!! The added bracelet was a beautiful touch. Any bride would be giddy with this dress on their flower girl. Gotta go, the bride just turned into bridezilla and wants a peanut butter jelly slamich. {ReviewDisclaimer]


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