Holy Stone Remote Control Car Review!

Oh my gosh!! This little Radio Controlled Dump Truck from Holy Stone is the highlight of NaNa’s house!! With absolutely no instruction at all I handed Alice the remote and she went to town!

This is the cutest remote-controlled car ever!! The Grandkids are having a BLAST with this little guy!! First, its super cute; you can’t help but smile! It’s fast! It’s super fast.

I am thoroughly impressed all the way around. From the packaging to the car. The little vehicle is securely fastened in the box with easy to remove over-sized screws. No wires or tape to remove while your kids are jumping up and down in excitement. I LOVE THAT!!


The package comes with Radio Controlled Dump Truck , 1 construction worker, and 1 remote control. Yes, this toy requires a lot of batteries; a total of 5 AA batteries which are not included. The round over-size remote takes 2 AA batteries, and the car requires 3 AA batteries. To install the batteries you will need a small Philips head screw driver a really small screw driver.
On the under side of the car is an on-off switch. The adorable little construction worker is a solid piece of plastic he has a hole under his feet that fits the peg in the vehicle.

The remote control has two buttons. Forward and backwards. The backwards doesn’t go in a straight line it veers to the left and if you hold the button down the little truck goes around in a circle.

Push the little yellow button and the car’s headlights flash and the truck makes sounds which I think sounds like a train. There is music and giggles too. I can’t say it enough, THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!

I love that there are no small pieces that pose a choking hazard for little ones. The remote and the truck are sturdy! VERY sturdy. This little guy has already flown off the table, coffee table and it’s still going strong.

Fun, bright colors this little truck get’s unanimous thumbs way, way UP!!


When you order this remote control vehicle you will receive either the dump truck or cement truck in your order. You can’t choose your favorite. Although we are giddy with the dump truck and we really couldn’t be more thrilled.



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