How Do You Make New Friends??

My dear little Peanuts I need your help again. I am 14 days out for the move to Idaho. I’m a big ole pile of emotions. A little nervous (soooooooo lying VERY nervous), a little excited (again…… so lying……VERY excited) and a hefty mix of little dread (NOT lying!)

As a kid you’re parents move you. You have very little say in the matter. (NO matter what your parents tell you. Sorry kids!) The kids go to school you make new friends. Viola (hopefully) they are happier than ever!!  Yes, it takes a little time, but kids are pretty resilient.

How do you as adults find new friends?  I am looking for ideas. In real life I’m pretty shy until I know you. (seriously! I promise! NOOOO REALLY!!! I AM!!!)

I am NOT an athletic 60-year-old. I lean more towards a comfortable couch potato.  So joining a hiking, climbing, bike riding, running group is a firm and absolute NO; with the exception of hiking on our property with my camera and hiking sticks.  I mean HELLO! Look at my view!!  Of course I will wander around our 10 acres. (yes, I will be boring you with endless photos)

For the last 6 (almost 7 years) I’ve only done things with Alice.  She’s a great icebreaker.

We are about 10 miles from the town of Sandpoint.  A small town of 7984 (soon to be 7986)

Hopefully you didn’t read all the way down to here thinking I had the answers. I’m hoping that you guys will leave me comments letting me know where you go for new friends. What ideas do you have.

No. Not Craigslist. That would be creepy.

No. Not holding a sign on the freeway off ramp.  WAY, way, WAY creepy.

No. I’m not hanging out at the park. That worked when I had Alice with me……. alone well, that again would be creepy.

No. I’m not getting a job. Because basically, I don’t wanna.

No. The library because what do you do? Wander the aisle until someone picks up a book you have read and then pounce?  Seems creepy yet again.

Now back to packing. YES, I am still packing. I’ve said it time and time again……. where did all this crap stuff come from?!?!


  • Tamra Phelps

    So, what did you wind up doing??? I would have said just do what you like, maybe craft classes, etc., and you’ll meet people you would want to spend time with.

  • Amber

    Hey, I’m less than an hour south of Sandpoint! Don’t knock the library (okay, I’m biased, I work at one) till you try it! Many libraries have classes, programs, and events aimed at adults too.

    I also belong to a Facebook group called North Idaho Life. Granted, I’m a lurker and never post, but it’s a great way to get to know the general area.

  • Sarah L

    I think that volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and to make new friends who share your values. Join a choir (even if you can’t sing they need support people). Join a book club. Find things that interest you and you’ll find friends.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    First off, DO NOT PANIC! Let yourself settle, adjust and get to know your new home first. Then the surrounding areas and only then start to reach out. One easy way I discovered on our last move was simply buying the local newspaper. See what’s what, who’s who in the neighbourhood (especially important so you don’t go putting your big foot in it!). They always have sections on local events so have a browse & pick one you fancy. If they’ve any sense they’ll welcome the pair of you with open arms 🙂

  • Rosie

    I just looked up Sandpoint – wow it is gorgeous! In a small town in a remote area, there won’t be that many ways, not too many groups. How about a church, one that seems OK, they typically have something for the ladies. When you settle in, you might start to become more aware of some opportunities. You might be able to get on a town committee or find something volunteer that isn’t too time consuming. I think it is good to be a little shy, when a new person comes to a group, if they come on gangbusters it can be off putting, slow and sure is better.

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