How To Have A Productive Company Meeting

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A company meeting is a perfect opportunity to get management and your employees together and on the same page. Keep in mind that meetings are pointless unless they’re properly planned and executed.

Be glad to know there are ways for how you can have a more productive and insightful company meeting in the future. As the leader and organizer of the event, you must be prepared in advance and put time and energy into making sure all goes smoothly. You want what unfolds to be worth it because you’ll be pulling people away from their desks and responsibilities for an extended period of time.

Pick A Prime Location

Company meetings don’t have to be dull and boring any longer. Instead, use it as a chance to leave your office building and have a company outing. Pick a prime location for your meeting where you’ll have enough space to participate in some team building activities and mix and mingle between departments. Look around for spaces in the area that can accommodate your size of group and will be a proper setting for learning and sharing ideas.

Distribute Giveaways

You can also have a productive and insightful company meeting when your audience is engaged in what’s happening on stage. You can entice them to participate and help them to feel more motivated to speak up by offering a variety of giveaways and prizes. For example, consider handing out reusable, branded tote bags that your employees can walk away with and use to carry around their items. It’s an excellent way to show some company pride and create additional excitement around the day.

Share Essential Information

Your company meeting will be a lot more successful and admired by others when you come ready to share essential and new information. It’s your chance to be transparent and let your staff in on what’s happening within your company walls. Report on financials, share what’s gone well, and touch on areas where you’re struggling so no one feels left in the dark about your company’s progress and status. Use facts and figures to back up your claims and share ideas for how you believe you and your team can improve your results going forward. If there are problems at work you know about, then be ready to discuss them and be honest about what help you need from your staff to get past them.

Host A Q & A Session

You never want to close a meeting having your audience walking away feeling confused or frustrated. Therefore, host a Q & A session where your employees can share their opinions and ask you specific inquiries about what information you covered in the meeting. Some of them may be tougher than others, so be prepared to respond sincerely and openly and address the question instead of being vague in your reply. Encourage participants to raise their hands throughout the meeting as matters are brought to light, but also leave plenty of time in the end to address any concerns.


  • heather

    These are some great ideas for a productive company meeting. I love the idea to pick a prime location and also the giveaway idea.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    AND switch off your flipping phones! People who have their phones on the table in front of them are unconsciously stating that they are so important they shouldn’t even be wasting their time being at the meeting. Not a good start.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Qite the insite on having a productuve meeting. My son in law works for an electric company. It is such a fun place for them to work! They have picnics, Christmas parties and like I already said they have quite a great business meeting, where they take the whole family to Great Wolf lodge for the weekend. There during the business meeting they will have very nice giveaways.

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