How To Make Life Easier And Happier For Your Family This Year

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Family life comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make life easier and happier for your family. Every parent wants to see their family thriving. If you want your family to feel loved, nurtured, and happier, here are four simple ways to achieve that.  

1. Plan your meals 

With many of today’s families accustomed to restaurants and fast-foods, there are many reasons you want to prepare and have your meals at home. Plan your meals to include the various foods containing vital nutrients your family needs every day. You can make your family look forward to mealtime by ensuring that your meals are a healthy balance between new tasty, nutritious dishes and your family’s favorites. You can even make cooking more fun by making it a family activity where everyone can play a role in preparing the meal. 

2. Create a weekly schedule 

It can be hard to blend your work and family life. It is easier to feel overwhelmed with both jobs yet not doing well. So before anything else, consider a formalized weekly routine. Creating a weekly routine will make things easier since you won’t have to think about or instruct your family on what to do every time. This makes life simpler and gives you more time to focus on making the big decisions instead of the minor ones. Weekly planning is also key for enhancing your work-life balance. 

3. Promote shared responsibility 

One way to make life easier and fun for your family is to promote shared responsibility. Everyone should take charge of their personal spaces and the entire house. If your kids are bringing their friends home, make sure they know it’s their responsibility to clean up after them. If they are cooking, make sure they clear up any leftover mess in the kitchen. Likewise, ensure everyone has shared responsibility for pet upkeep – grooming, feeding, and walking the pets shouldn’t be your sole responsibility. 

4. Do fun activities together to make beautiful memories

Fun things can bring the family together. The ideas are many, and you can plan several fun things instead of spending most time behind the TV or on your smart devices. Why not try some arts and crafts, take a hike, or road trip with your family? These are some incredible family moments to treasure years to come. More so, reducing your screen times can free up more time for your family to connect. This is effective for managing stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms. If you are considering taking a family-bonding road trip this year, you can take advantage of this by taking the time to get a new car! Car retail businesses like Edmunds have great deals you can take advantage of to ensure your family has a convenient way to travel.

Raising a family can be hard work but fulfilling. Let this year be one you and your family can enjoy! These tips are a great place to start.



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Sharing responsibility for chores is vital otherwise one person gets lumbered with all the jobs needed to make a household run smoothly.

    • Henry Chai

      Aloha (Hello),
      These tips are helpful and true. We are having a little trouble with number 2. Our schedules have been extremely difficult. Trying to manage family, work and this pandemic.
      Shared responsibility has been a major factor in our home. Glad the children understand and cooperate.

      Mahalo (Thank you)

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