Hyundai Santa Fe

Yesterday I started telling you about the Hyundai Santa Fe, but there was too much I wanted to share for just one post. So here is the rest of my review.

The Santa Fe is an awesome SUV.  Great gas mileage. Smooth driving. 3.3 L V6 engine that offers some great pick up and GO!!

Today I wanted to tell you about a few more perks that the Santa Fe has. Starting with the seat comfort! The Hyundai Santa Fe has great (fully automatic) lumbar support and a super comfortable seat, long rides will be no problem in the Santa Fe! Even the passenger seat is fully automatic! My FAVORITE feature in the front seats is they are not only heated, but air cooled! I LOVE the cooled seats!!  It’s been scorching hot here in California this week, these cooled seats are AMAZING!! I did NOT want to give those up!!

Next up, GADGETS!! The Navigation system makes me want one RIGHT NOW!! The map is crisp, clear and spot on accurate!! There is even a icon that shows you the mph for the road you are on. I LOVE THAT!!!

More To Love

The front seats, besides being super comfy, have 12-way power driver seat!! Yes, you read that correctly, the seat adjusts 12 WAY’s! Not just that but you can save the adjustments and settings for 2 drivers!! You’ll never have to adjust your seat again!! The seats also use YES Essentials®* stain-resistant cloth. Having kids in the car, this is an awesome feature! I bet a mom invented this material!

The steering wheel is leather wrapped and a pleasure to steer.

The touch screen in the dashboard is HUGE!! Crystal clear picture quality for this back up camera! The screen has everything from your GPS, Radio, Back Up Camera.

USB port! Auxiliary port too. Bluetooth wireless that lets you control everything from the steering wheel!!

Blind spot detection system. OH MAMA is this the coolest perk!!!  If you start into the next lane, 2 cars light up in the side mirror and the car beeps at you.  There are NO blind spots in this baby!! NONE!!

Back up camera is amazingly clear!! I swear you could take a photograph using this camera!!

I WANT this car!!

One touch opens and closes the sunroof. Oh the sunroof!! This might be my favorite perk!! This puppy goes alllllllll the way back the length of the car!! I love the panoramic sunroof so much!!! Research has shown that sunlight and fresh air are good for you. This huge, available panoramic sunroof gives you more of both compared to regular-sized sunroofs. Drive healthy.

This is a GREAT automobile!

What I need from you

What perks or question do you have about this car or other cars that I am lucky enough to review?  I’d love to know what things I am forgetting to tell you about. Also are their other photos you want in my reviews, and other things you want me to look for and comment on.

Hyundai Santa FeAll in all, this is a fun car to drive. The ride is smooth. The gas mileage is awesome.  As long as the car key is on your person, when you touch the door handle the door unlocks!  Same with locking the door. GREAT news, you can’t lock your keys in the car. The car sounds an alarm. LOVE that!! The driver seat is so comfortable.  The cooled seat is the best part of the seat!! I could definitely do a long car ride in the Santa Fe.  The sunroof is just beautiful! The only thing to whine about for the Hyundai Santa Fe……. they took it BACK!!

What Hyndai would you like to drive?  Personally, I’d like to drive this beauty! How pretty is this Hyundai Genesis Coup?!?!

tsukuba red

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Disclosure I received a complimentary week driving the Hyundai Santa Fe for the purpose of my review. (No, they didn’t let me keep it…. they NEVER let me keep these cars?? WHY??? I would drive it everyday. I would talk nice too it too) No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.

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