I DO Have A Way With Telemarketers!!

Y’all remember my conversation with Monica the Telemarketer, I had so much fun with Monica. Then that backfired with Monica giving my number to every telemarketer in the world. So, that wasn’t as much fun, however, it was well played Monica!

TODAY was absolutely a first for me! OhhhhmmmmmmGeeeee this one really is one for the books (blog).

Hello, I’m from T Rowe Price and I wanted to follow up about your winnings.

For the record we have no funds at T. Rowe  Also this came from an Idaho number with no name attached. 

“Did you receive your paperwork in the mail?”

No, I sure didn’t. I’m curious why I am getting anything from you when I have no investments with you. Is this going to cost me money? Are we talking about a lot of money?

NOW, I am NOT 100% but I THINK I heard him mutter fu&$.

I continued (as is my way) is this going to cost me money? Do I have to send you money to get this? Cause if you wanna just send me a cashiers check or a money order that would be even better!

AND THEN HE LOST HIS SH#T …….  “Listen you CUN$ will you just shut the F&#K UP”

OMGEEEEEEE I started laughing so hard I had a coughing fit. Sooooo I wanted to help him even more…. I’m giving like that.  I said “ohhhhh, now I know for sure that this is a legit phone call and not a scam! I mean real men, from a real business will always cuss a customer. Now I’m REALLY listening.

WELL!! This seemed to anger him because he had a few more things to say. It was very colorful. Now, I don’t want to say that my laughing made him yell louder and cuss more. MAYBE he felt he needed to be louder just so he could be heard.

He abruptly ended our phone call when I asked “So? When do I get maaaa money???

Anyway, it was  a most excellent day. I hope your day is a great one! Unless you’re that T Rowe Price guy… then I want MY MONEY!!


  • Rosie

    HAH HAH!! Telemarketers don’t mind playing with people, but don’t like getting it happen to them. He probably thinks the time he spent on the phone with you he could have made a 100 grand talking to someone else! Doesn’t take much to get him all riled up!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I just know you re on somelist somewhere that these scammers pass along to each other!! “Watch out for this One!!”

  • heather

    OMG – I can’t believe he cussed you out like that! I would have lost my sh#t after that! I would have called him some words that he probably would have to look up! LOL This was a funny one to read thanks for sharing. Hope you get da maaaaaney soon! lol

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