I want to go to Camp Chateaugay!!!

I want do overs!! I want to go to CAMP!!! www.chateaugay.com  Camp Chateaugay to be precise!! Having never been to camp I am really impressed Camp Chateaugay goes out of their way to make first time campers feel like part of the group from the start. Starting with their website. The link for first time campers gives you a great overview of what to expect. Being a first time camper you will have a big brother or big sister to help you feel at home. Your big brother or sis will:

  • Wave to each other on the path
  • Sometimes eat together
  • Partner during evening activities
  • Save some free time to talk about anything on their minds

Although, reading through the tremendous list of activities available I can’t imagine fitting in would be a problem!! Do you see this list?!?!?  HOLY MOLY!!  See?  This is why I want do-overs for childhood.  I want to try all of these activities!!!   
Not to mention the traditional campfires and even wacky traditions!!

Still not convinced? Watch this video.  

Two activities a day are planned for each camper. Then the camper can choose 3 or 4 activities they  want to do.  I am so jealous!!  
Camp Chateaugay is even staffed with a medical staff 24/7 on the premises 3 RN’s and an MD!  
I’m ready. Camp Chateaugay in New York for the summer….. Do you think they will buy the idea that “I’m tall and older looking for my age???”

With campers coming from all over the world can you imagine the lifetime friendships that will be formed?  211 days till the first day of camp!! 

Do you send your kids to camp?  Are there any Camp Chateaugay alumni in my followers? 

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  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Oh I would love to go to camp again. The care free life and being with friends. Looks and sounds so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

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