iClever Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones #Review

When my son got a pair of wireless sports headphones I was jealous! I want; wait; I need that kind of convenience!! I was thrilled when the folks at iClever reached out to me to review the iClever® IC-BTH01 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphone. This is a cool little headset!

IC-BTH01 packaging is as sleek as the in a compact little silver and clear package making it easy to see the headset. On the back of the package are all the details, key features and specification.

iClever truly thought of everything, along with your headset, you get a selection 3 sets of hybrid ear-tips in size small, medium and large. Also included is a pair of stabilizer fins for improved fit. There is also a USB to micro-USB charging cable along with a pair of clips to control the cable length. Finally, a detailed instruction manual.

When I first took the Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones out of the package and then removed the USB cable my first thought was……. how? Wha??? Where??? Thank heavens for the instruction manual! On the back of the right earpieces is a small cap which you lift to reveal micro-usb connector. BRILLIANT design!! Absolutely brilliant!! The headset is very sleek-looking.

I charged my headphones from my computer and in about an hour and a half I had a full charge. With a full charge my headphones last for almost 6 hours of playback time. Enough so I could listen to PINK’s new album. Pink

Pairing my IC-BTH01 couldn’t have been easier, it connects very quickly with my Galaxy S4 phone. My headphones have a great range too; clear sound up to 40 feet away from my phone.

The ear-tips are great quality and provide an excellent seal and they fit securely and comfortably in my ear. Personally I don’t need the stabilizer fins, I haven’t had any problem keeping the ear-tips in my ears. The earpieces don’t slip around or slip out!

The headset has flat rubbery cable that has a sealed in-line remote. This headset is perfect when I’m chasing after Alice, the headset cable rests comfortably around my neck. This would be perfect for those of you that do a lot of exercising. Personally, my exercise routine consists of chasing 3 year old Alice. The inline remote multi-function button has three buttons. The middle button is play, pause call. The other buttons control volume up and down. Using those same up/down buttons you can skip a song just use a longer press of the button.

The most important feature of these headphones is the sound. The awesome, clear sound!


I wish there was a storage case or pouch included to keep everything together. That has nothing to do with the sound quality of this headset. I’m thrilled with the range and the high quality audio. Well balanced sound and a comfortable fit make these an awesome headset!!


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