I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

I am having such a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!  First we met our newest Gruning family member (This the Ultrasound 4D image… I’ve already used it twice in less than a week… can you imagine how obnoxious I will be when BabyT arrives???) Okay that was the cherry on the top best part of my week.

I’ve seen 2 of my 3 kids TWICE this week!! That’s the whipcream.  And now the Ice Cream and Brownie part of my week……….. drum roll……… Last night I received an email from Ashlei at CouponDealsandSteals I won a gift card to Custom Photo Letter Squares from DoubleMint Designs!! I can’t wait to narrow down my picture selection!!  I’ll be sure and post the finished blocks when they arrive.  When I first saw these blocks I must have spent a hour on the site looking around! Such a great idea! I LOVE THESE!!!!  (Do I have to remind you how much I love family pictures?  Remember me?  Diningroom is wall to wall pictures just about. LOVE LOVE pictures of friends and family!!)
Then this morning Nina at PrettyLittleThings  let me know I won My Beating Heart from BananaDesignLab But don’t tell babyT it’s a surprise! This little heart is ADORABLE!!   What a GREAT way to end a day and start a morning!!   

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