It Just Continues……….

Oh how the saga whining continues…… Again, if you are new here the back story can been seen here: Where’s Mom?  Basically, the Cliff Notes version is: My Mom passed away on December 29, 2017, her cat Biscuit passed away 12 days later.

The cat’s ashes arrived yesterday. Mom finally came home today (Tuesday), the day after Miss Kitty.

Mom arrived via the USPS.  Yup, the mailman delivered my Mom. I don’t know where this carrying, loving person was from The Trident Society was. They were to put Mom’s ashes in the urn. Just FYI, USPS does not offer this service. The mailman refused. Very politely, but he did refuse.

Now, no where on the USPS box does it say open the box carefully, don’t use sharp objects to open……… because all that is protecting your pretty, mahogany box is a piece of packing TAPE!!
Yup, scratched the box with the knife I used to open boxes with. Straight down the center and NICE and deep!!  Yup. Yup. I can’t catch a break here! Seriously?! Is my Mom just screwin’ with me now?? Is she sitting in Heaven trying to make me lose my mind? Or just laugh??

But, wait…… I am not done!! I know… right?!?! You can’t make this crap up!!
The Trident Society REALLY hadn’t cremated my Mom until FRIDAY when I called again to complain that Mom wasn’t back yet after 3 weeks.

Nope…. still not done!
When I open up the mahogany box. The ID tag that says the lot number and crematorium number is rusted. The ashes are double bagged. HOW OLD is this TAG?!?! I’m really not sure this is my MOM!!!! Why would the ID tag already be rusted??
Cypress view

So, Mom is home. (Or someone is here!) I’ve been giving whoever it is a hell of an ear full!!

Once again, The Trident Society. TOTAL FAIL!!!










  • Adriane

    I am so so sorry to hear about this!
    Lost my mom last year. Used Neptune Society and they were wonderful. I had a special request for a lock of hair which they took care of, as well as a letter to mom I wanted her cremated with – again they took care of it. They were kind and caring. Took about a week or 10 days.
    Later I released mom’s ashes at sea (as she wanted) along with a basket of rose petals. I kept a small amount of ashes to take to my Dad’s grave

  • Tamra Phelps

    This just blows my mind. We were lucky, I guess, that when my Mom died we were dealing with a funeral home that our family has dealt with many times before & with people in our hometown that we knew. The worst I could say was that one of the DVDs of the service that they gave us was blank. I can’t even wrap my mind around what you’re dealing with.

  • Rosie

    Wow Connie, this is way too much for anyone, never mind a grieving person who just lost (in more than one way) their loved one. It is very strange. Maybe you can find a jeweler or someone who can look at the tag under a microscope to give you a better idea of how fresh the cutting is, in case it is just the tag that was rusted (still bad, though). I have seen some posts of how to repair a scratch it won’t be like new, but might be a good repair. You might be able to find a nice decoration to go over that area, like a pressed flower. You wonder how long it would have taken them if you hadn’t called, I guess it bumped your mom up to first place (finally). Nobody deserves this who has paid for a service. At least now you have mom and kitty back, and can start to pick up the pieces. I try to figure out if I want to expend the emotional energy when a real bummer happens, you have to decide if/when you want to complain about it, or what to do to pursue it further. Very unfortunate. You are one of the nicest people.

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