Keeping Connected When Your Grandchild Lives Far Away

Y’all know I have horrible separation anxiety over having Alice live so far away. Thankfully, we live in an age of modern technology. Staying connected to MY Grandma was much harder! Back when talking long distance cost you per minute and your phone was connected to a cord.

2018 it’s a whole lot easier, well, mostly. Ya know; 7-year-old’s have a busy social life. HOWEVER, when Alice has time to Facetime or Duo with me I get to learn what’s new in the Second Grade.

Before I left California I bought Alice the Gizmo Watch. (don’t forget to grab your cash back on Rakuten!) This thing is so cool!!  The people in her circle (that Mom or Dad sets up) can text her. She has 15 different pre-written texts she can send back and screen after screen of emojis. I like to send a random text like “Hello, Zelda. I miss you” or “I just ate a stick” just to see what emoji she sends back.  The Gizmo also has a GPS feature; which now days it’s really important.  My favorite feature is the phone!!  I can call Alice anytime. She doesn’t always answer but The Non can always try!

My next tip to stay connected is letters. Yup, real letters. The kind with a stamp and trip to the mail box. My Grandma was the best pen pal EVER!! She answered each and EVERY letter I wrote. (Yes, I’ve always loved to write!) I always had an extra incentive to write to Grandma because when she answered she included a dollar bill. What kid doesn’t love to get money in the mail?!?!  I’m excited to carry on that tradition with Alice. It doesn’t take much to write a letter, I tell Alice if new animals walked through the yard, like the twin fawns!! I tell her about the fish in the Koi pond (which BTW are getting HUGE!!).  Each letter is really just a couple of lines, then I add a joke from my secret weapon “The Don’t Laugh Challenge Joke Book” and a dollar bill and voila Alice is thinking about The Non! At least for a minute or two.

This joke book is the 2nd Edition. Written in large print so it’s easy for the little ones to read. The jokes are CLEAN! Funny and sometimes just groan out loud roll your eyes funny.

How do pumpkins always stay such good friends? They always patch thing up!

What’s a trees favorite drink? Root beer

There is even a chapter with tongue twisters. Try this one! It’s harder than it looks!

Witches Wishes, Witches Wishes, Witches Wishes

Staying connected is easier than my Grandma had it. Of course, I actually loved being on the phone with my Grandma! Alice hates being on the phone, with anyone!  So, staying connected easy. Keeping her entertained this summer while we were remodeling? Now, THAT was a challenge!

How do you stay connected with your Grandkids?

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