Kia Soul it’s got PERKS!!!

Kia Soul 2013 MirrorI’m getting a whole lot of nothing done for Christmas cause I only want to drive this car!!!!! The Kia Soul is seriously fun to drive!  Here are a few more perks that I’m lovin’,  the side mirrors, first it lights up with the turn signal, that’s a safety addition that I really like!! Next, with a touch of a button they fold in!!  Touch the button again and the mirror goes back to the exact setting you set before!!  HOW cool is THAT?!?!

Kia Soul 2013 Steering
I’m lovin’ the duo charging ports and the usb and iPod direct link feature.

One of my favorite fun perks of the Kia Soul though is the color changing speakers!!  Yes, you heard read that right…. color changing speakers!!  I waited till night so I could tape a short video so you could see how cool these are!  These are on the front doors.
Not to mention 8 speakers!!  The sound system is amazing!!

Disclosure I received The Kia Soul for a week to test drive for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way. (even though they aren’t letting me keep it!)
Here are a few more thoughts on the 2013 Kia Soul



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