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Kids Electronic Keyboard Musical Organ Review

Today’s review has me jumping up and down giddy!! OH MY GOSH this is the CUTEST Electronic Keyboard Musical Organ With Microphone, Stool, Teaching Light up Keys with Dancing Animals for kids!! This keyboard has everything!! I’m serious this keyboard has PERKS!!

The design is adorable. Dancing animals, light up keys, a working microphone and even a stool so that your little musician is at THE perfect height to create their masterpiece.

It took me all of about 5 minutes and 6 screws to assemble this keyboard and have it plugged in and ready to go. This is an electronic piano/organ that has tons of options. Starting with a volume control! Which is a really good thing because this keyboard is loud! There are 3 cute little animals that kids can turn on so they have a full band.

The keyboard is brightly colored and it’s sturdy!! There is pre-installed songs/tunes and even a mode that teaches kids how to play. Theres even a booklet included so that kids can learn even more songs.

I have to share this video I took with my cell phone to send to Uncle Zac; the video quality is horrible but Alice claps her hands like she is a professional pianist!! Where does a FOUR YEAR old learn THAT?!?! We don’t have a piano. We don’t even know anyone that DOES!!

If that wasn’t enough there is also a working microphone!! The stand that attaches the microphone to the keyboard also allows kids to move the microphone closer to their mouth. Alice is fascinated with blowing into the microphone to hear the noise.  Another cool feature is the fact that you can record and playback the music. Seriously, this is the COOLEST keyboard!!!

There are 22 piano keys that sound just like a real piano with a feature to switch to other sounds: violin, xylophone, flute, and so many more!!

Alice has so much fun with this keyboard!! There are buttons that allow the keyboard to play background music for the talented artist, and these tempos can be accelerated or decreased depending on one’s musical level.

In case your kids aren’t musical geniuses there are demos tunes loaded in the keyboard and the keys light up that need to be pushed to play the tune. How COOL is that?!

This keyboard is 21.5″ by 12″ by 24.5″ high.  The keyboard weighs in at 3.7 pounds. It doesn’t take up much room at all which I love!

This Electronic Keyboard Musical Organ With Microphone, Stool, Teaching Light up Keys, Dancing Animals is a fantastic way to nurture a love of music in your kids.


I have one whine. The power cord is very short so you are really have to be very close to the wall outlet; but that’s what extension cords are for right?? The keyboard itself is sturdy, brightly colored and SO MUCH FUN!!! Just look at the joy on Alice’s face!! I highly recommend this keyboard!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    Holy smoke, that’s like a real instrument not a toy, lol. Kids would love that! I can’t believe it records & plays back, too.


    Bravo! What a performance! She really is a diva (in the best possible way, of course! We grew up with pianos & keyboards in the home – Mum’s a marvellous pianist (she even played in the Albert Hall in London!) and still practises every day. Music is so important in our lives & should be nurtured from an early age.

  • Rosie

    what a find! now I know one good holiday gift. so cute and the microphone too. The short cord will probably be better they won’t be tripping over it.

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