Kitchen MUST Have’s From HighFive Naturals Review

I was given the opportunity to review some products from HighFive Naturals; starting with a set of silicone cooking gloves. My first thought was ‘silicone could be used as an oven mitt!??!’ Quickly followed by Wait, WHAT are you saying silicone?! Personally, I’m blown away. I had it in my mind these would melt. It’s Silicone? Really?!? For hot items? How hot?!

I immediately went to work. I put on my very funky, cool looking, orange oven mitts and I ever so gently touched a hot cast iron skillet. You know the tip of the finger super fast touch and pull away motion. Nothing. Okay two fingers and a little longer. Nope didn’t feel a thing. Flame on… check… food sizzling check… hand not burned BIG CHECK!!

I’m here to tell you these silicone cooking gloves work. They work REALLY, really great! As a matter of fact the gloves are heat-resistant to 446°F!! That’s a better rating than ANY pot holder or oven mitt in my kitchen!!

These are unique and fun looking too. They fit great and give me such versatility in the kitchen! They are amazing for the BBQ grill and I can’t wait to get these to Yosemite for our campfires!!

These awesome and very unique gloves are great for removing tight lids, changing light bulbs. You can grab eggs straight out of the boiling water using these gloves!! Easter Eggs here we come!! What about moving that turkey from the roasting pan to cutting board?! DONE! With ease and a great grip. Use these gloves when cleaning out the freezer! No more cold hands! These gloves are AWESOME!!!!!!! The more I use these gloves the more I love them!!

HighFive Naturals didn’t stop with the gloves! Their trivet hot mat set are a set of four very colorful silicone hot pads. They are the perfect size for the table 7″ x 6¾”.

Again, these are temperature resistant from – 40 to 500°F! What I love most about these is the fact they won’t scratch my solid oak table!!  Bonus! They look great on the table before the food arrives!

The hot mats are also perfect in the bathroom for my curling iron while it’s too hot to put away.

Y’all know me, I keep my favorite for last. These are silicone suction lid covers. Another one of those products that had me shaking my head. HighFive Naturals sent me lid covers. Weird flat disks. Ummm, these aren’t going to fix any bowls that own. After examining these four varying sized disks I laid one on a bowl with steaming hot stew inside. My first thought was that the lid would fold somehow around the bowl? After putting the suction lid cover on, I pulled at the slightly raised tab in the center. The lid was stuck. I mean STUCK!! The lid didn’t move!! I picked the ENTIRE BOWL UP by this little tab!! WHAT?!?! Then I lifted a side and the lid slid off like it hadn’t just held strong. I played with this suction lid and stew until the natives got restless for food. THIS is the COOLEST THING!!!!!! I had to show you in a video. I get a little excited about the lids. Sorry… it’s just; these are so COOL!!

The set comes with 4 lids, graduating in size from the smallest size of 6″, medium is 8″, the large 10¼” and the extra-large is 11¾”. The colors are fun and vibrant.  The design is so innovative!! These are not only flexible and non-stick, but they are durable, splatter-proof food covers. All you have to do is place on your bowl or pan, slightly press down on the center and you have an airtight, spill-proof seal ideal for storing and re-heating!

The silicone suction lids lids are flame and heat-resistant to 464°F!!  They are; as with the other HighFive Naturals products made with FDA approved premium food grade silicone.  They are BPA Free.

The silicone lids work great on pots and pans for simmering. They are perfect for keeping food hot on the table until everyone is ready to eat. Everything will stay hot and ready! Not to mention if you don’t tell anyone the secret about the lids its great fun to watch people trying to get to the food!!

All of the HighFive Naturals silicone items from the oven mitts to the lids are eco-friendly and of course waterproof. They are all super easy to clean and store. Cleaning them is as easy as swishing them in your dishwater. Lay flat to dry. All of the items are odor and mildew resistant.

HighFive Naturals offers a 100% LIFETIME Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!! That’s a company that believes in their product; I see why! These are AWESOME!!!

All of these items are extremely strong, very flexible!!  Everything from the cooking gloves to the trivet hot mat set and the silicone suction lids store away so easily.


Not a single one!! Heat resistant gloves are amazing! The hot mats are excellent and the suction lids are amazing!! HighFive Naturals provides fantastic products that get 2 very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY UP!!! I couldn’t be more pleased!!



  • Sarah L

    Hi Connie, I just won this set of silicone things. Had to come back and re-read your review now that I’ll be owning them. Looking forward to using them.


    My goodness, these really are amazing. I’ve had some silicon cooking utensils for a while so I suppose it was just a matter of time before someone thought of these uses. The gloves are brilliant and the fact that they can be used in very low temps is terrific. My only gripe would be that they’re not currently recyclable.

  • Christine A

    All the products sound fantastic! I’m always really nervous that pot holders won’t be enough to protect my hands from a hot casserole dish or pan. I’ve also left a few burn marks on surfaces because of my flat iron. I also like the silicone suction lid because I could use a lot less plastic wrap.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Those gloves are pretty neat! We could have used those while trying to change a bulb the other night! I would think they would grip hot food better than ordinary pot holders, too!

  • Rosie

    I would definitely like to try the cooking gloves – they look a little freaky, but that is part of the fun. I’m tired of ruining kitchen gloves or my hands!!!

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