LapWorks Armbot Jr. Mount for 7″ Tablets Review!

Christmas BannerWinter is coming. Well, I think it is anyway. Southern California has been in the upper 90’s for the last two weeks. IN THE MIDDLE of NOVEMBER?!?! Sorry for shouting but I have the most adorable boots I want to wear and a really cute winter dress! Then there is that über soft gray blanket that I want to cuddle under. All of which is hard to do when we are running the air conditioner 24/7!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest! Because, one of the things that I’m looking forward to is being cuddled up on the couch, hot cocoa in hand covered in that soft faux fur blanket and binge watching shows on NetFlix. All hands free mind you thanks to my new LapWorks Armbot Jr that holds my iPad Mini tightly and at the exact angle for watching movies and falling asleep! Ahhhhh NAPs!!

This is a perfect tablet holder for so many reasons, not just naps! If you have ever used a desk lamp that has a swinging arm that attaches to the edge of a desk or table the Armbot Jr Mount is similar to that design. Only the Armbot is way better!! I have a couple of those swing arm lamps and they are so hard to keep in place. Not the Armbot! It not only holds my iPad Mini securely but day after day it’s in the correct position for working at my desk. I really can set it and forget it.

Since the folks at LapWorks have already created a video I figure why re-invent the wheel, right??

The Armbot Jr has two types of mounts, an extremely strong suction cup that I can attach to the counter in the kitchen when I’m following a recipe saved to my iPad. Or it also has a C-Clamp that attaches to tables, counters, coffee tables where ever! My desk has a pull out that resembles a cutting board. I have my Armbot attached to that and bent to an angle that is perfect for watching videos and working. BTW, a cluttered desk is the mark of a brilliant mind… so… yeah!!

An AMAZING feature that The LapWorks Armbot Jr has is the ability to tighten the joints if they ever feel loose to you. An 3 sided Allen Wrench comes with the Armbot and makes tightening the screws a breeze. This is such a great tool it stays on my desk all the time!!


Not a single whine. This is one amazing product. I can take this anywhere I want to go! Easily portable. Flexible and yet very strong. My iPad Mini is secure in the holder. There are rubber grips on each end and a nice lip for added security. This is the greatest holder I’ve had on my iPad Mini! Now… cold weather, Christmas Movie and hot cocoa please.

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