Little Suzy Homemaker..

Yup, that’s me. Little Susy Homemaker! I was on such a ROLL!! Double batch of fudge DONE! Double batch of Brandy Sauce DONE!! 6 batches of Biscotti….ahhh…… NOT DONE! Seems SOMEONE … DH I mean RH (RH for ROTTEN Husband) forgot to buy flour. (okay maybe I forgot to put it on the list. BUT I baked all day!! He HAS to be in trouble for SOMETHING!!) But 3 batches are done. I have sampled and tasted and picked at the crumbs all day. BAD BAD BAD CONNIE!! THIS IS WHY I DON’T BAKE!!!!! I eat too much when I do!

BUT! I have a fix to the holiday weight gain! I’m so excited! I get to have a House Party and try out YOUR SHAPE it’s a new Fitness game for the Wii staring Jenny McCarthy. The game arrived today. I’ll get it set up this weekend and practice a little before my party. The game looks pretty cool! It has a motion tracking camera that projects your workout on the tv. The game has over 400+ exercises. I’ll let ya know what kind of a workout I get (hopefully!) this weekend. Cause with all the munching I’ve been doing I need a boost in my workout!

Just so you know, I’m making sure that there is a link to the voting site at the end of every post just in case you still haven’t voted. My hope is you’ve found my journey inspirational and you will vote for ME ME ME!! One vote per email address here is the link so you go vote…and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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