Ho ho ho…

Tonight all you get is HELLO! Worked today till 1pm. Came home cooked. Now getting ready to head out the door to our staff Christmas Party. Where I am going to eat and eat and eat!! Tomorrow I’ll feel guilty. (Not too guilty cause I’ve heard what everyone is bringing! YUM!!! Betcha’all wish you were me!! Or knew where the party was just for the food!!)

Okay you know the drill at the end of the blog…. I’m making sure that there is a link to the voting site at the end of every post just in case you still haven’t voted. My hope is you’ve found my journey inspirational and you will vote for ME ME ME!! One vote per email address here is the link so you go vote…and I’ll see you tomorrow!

(Yes, I cheated this is the exact same ending as yesterday… but I’m HUNGRY!!! I want FOOD!!) See ya tomorrow

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